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Best 60 Minute QSO Rates

2012 - 2021

Note: Based on public logs. Counts are before log checking and may include duplicate or invalid QSOs. Click on the View log link to view the log segment for that hour.

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Single Operator

High Power

208P49X   (W0YK)2013View log
207P49X   (W0YK)2019View log
206P49X   (W0YK)2015View log
201P49X   (W0YK)2016View log
194P49X   (W0YK)2017View log
192P49X   (W0YK)2014View log
180P49X   (W0YK)2020View log
177AA3B   2021View log
176P49X   (W0YK)2012View log
174AA3B   2016View log
174KM1W   (W1UE)2013View log
171KS7AA    (WK6I)2020View log
168AK1W   (K5ZD)2014View log
167P49X   (W0YK)2018View log
164RG9A   2012View log
163ZF2WF   (W9KKN)2021View log
163AK1W   (K5ZD)2012View log
159K4GMH   2014View log
157AK1W   (K5ZD)2021View log
157RG9A   2021View log

Low Power

155YV1KK   2018View log
155PJ4R   (N4RR)2012View log
154UW1M   2021View log
138KK9A/4   2014View log
136VA2UP   2014View log
135KK9A/4   2015View log
133UP7P   (UN7PBY)2012View log
131N4BAA   2021View log
128KK9A/4   2016View log
127RT9S   2014View log
126VE4EAR   2013View log
124KK9A   2021View log
124VA2UP   2012View log
117KK9A   2019View log
116EA7KI    2020View log
116J38XX   (DL5AXX)2014View log
116RT9S   2012View log
115RT9S   2020View log
113KN5S   (K5WW)2017View log
112IK6VXO   2021View log


102H2X   (5B4ALX)2018View log
80ED9K   (EA9CD)2014View log
76WK9U   2021View log
76LZ3RR    2020View log
74YW2LV   (YV5YMA)2013View log
73IZ7FLP   2019View log
72SP6GCU   2017View log
72RX1CQ   2012View log
71WS9V   2021View log
71JF2IWL   2015View log
70RX1CQ   2015View log
69YO8WW   2018View log
69K0DU   2012View log
68RD9D   2018View log
67RX1CQ   2016View log
67PX2T   (PY2DN)2013View log
65H2X   (5B4ALX)2021View log
65RT4W   2016View log
64RM5F   2021View log
64TG9ANF/4   2017View log


Single-Transmitter High Power

125WW4LL   (WW4LL AA4CF W9SN W4KTR)2016View log
118IQ4FC   (I4IFL IK4DCW IK4HVR IK4MGP...)2021View log
117WI0WA   (N0AC N0MGK N0NI N0XR WI0H ...)2013View log
1175D5A   (IW1AYD IZ1LBG IK2QEI IK2SG...)2012View log
116K9OM   (K9OM K9OM)2018View log
113UZ2I   (UT2II UT2IV UY2IF US2IR US...)2020View log
113WP4WW   (KP4JRS NP3SI)2012View log
108HG1S   (HA1TJ HA1DAI HA1SN HA1DAE)2018View log
108HG17EYOF   (HA1TJ HA1DAI HA1SN HA1DAE)2017View log
108NW6P   (NW6P WX5S)2017View log
108W3MF   2012View log
107WK7S   (K6LL W6RW N7TY)2017View log
107ED1R   (EA1CJ EA4AOC EC1KR EC4DX E...)2012View log
106WM6A   (K6KO K6TA)2012View log
104IQ1RY   (IW1ARB IZ1LBG)2021View log
104KK7PR   (K7ZS KE7AUB KN7K N7BEF)2018View log
104NC0DX   (W5AP N0AJN W0LSD)2017View log
104ND2T/6   (N6DE W6RK W6LD N7MH ND2T @...)2012View log
103ED1R   (EA1AR EA1CJ EA1FMD EC1KR E...)2016View log
103SZ1A   (SV1CIB SV1DPI SV1DPJ SV1EL...)2015View log

Single-Transmitter Low Power

106EB8AH   (OH4KA OH8WW OH8GDU EA8AH)2019View log
96RY0A   (RY0A RA0AY)2016View log
90ED9E   (EA9CD EA9FY EA9AAU EA9ACD ...)2019View log
88DX3R   (DU3JH DU3LA DV3XUK)2016View log
87WP3C   (WP3C WP3TT W2VQ N2GK)2021View log
879A7T   (9A2EU 9A5MR 9A4OP 9A5CB)2019View log
84WW4LL   (WW4LL W4DXX N9DFD W4KTR K4...)2017View log
83K9NR   (K9NR K9QT)2021View log
82KN5S   (KS5TX K5WW)2016View log
80AG1RL   (W1SRD K0BEE N6DE W1RH)2018View log
80V31RU   (DO5ALX DG7RO)2014View log
79DQ4W   (DL2MLU DL6RAI)2021View log
78ES9C   (ES3TI ES4NY ES5JR ES5QA ES...)2020View log
78AD0LI   (AD0LI N0KE)2019View log
78NG1R   (W1QK NG1R)2019View log
78KL4SD   (WL7F KL7TH WL7BDO)2017View log
78M0A   (G8APB)2017View log
78HI3CC   (HI3CC HI8EFS)2015View log
77PR2E   (PY2XIZ PU2KFL PU2LEW PU2UT...)2019View log
76HG0R   (HA0NAR KD0RYB)2018View log


193VB7R   (VE7SZ VA7AM VE7ON VE7MID V...)2012View log
185NP2/N5RZ   (N5RZ K5RZA WP2XX)2013View log
181LX7I   (DF7ZS DL6ZBN DK5ON DJ6GI D...)2017View log
180K9CT   (K9WX AI9T ND9G K9CT KT9L N...)2019View log
179CR3DX    (CT3DZ CT3EN CT3FW CT3KY OK...)2020View log
177CR3DX   (CT3BD CT3DZ CT3EN CT3KY OM...)2019View log
175K9CT   (K9NR AI9T K9WX N9CK K9CT K...)2016View log
174CR3A   (CT3BD CT3DZ CT3DL CT3EN CT...)2017View log
173K9CT   (N9CK K3WA K9NR K9CT N7US K...)2017View log
165N0NI   (N0XR N0NI N0AC NU0Q W0BNW)2015View log
164Z60A   (DD2ML DJ5IW DM5TI S57AW)2018View log
164EI7M   (EI3JE EI7IG EI3KD EI8IR)2016View log
160K9CT   (AI9T K9WX N9CK K9NR KT9L K...)2020View log
160VE7SV   (VE7SV VE7CC VA7KO VE7DZO)2013View log
160LS1D   (LU3CT LU3HY LW1DTZ LW9EOC)2012View log
159KT7E   (K7ZS KE7AUB NK7U KR7X)2021View log
159LX7I   (LX2A DK5ON DL6ZBN DD5ZZ DL...)2015View log
158ES100C   (ES5RY ES5JR ES4NY ES4RD ES...)2018View log
157N0NI   (N0NI KC8R N0XR KE0BMF NU0Q)2016View log
155HA30S   (HA1TJ HA1DAC HA1DAI HA6NF ...)2013View log


3049A1A   (9A5W 9A9A 9A2DQ 9A6A 9A7R ...)2016View log
277NR4M   (NR4M K7SV K4GM KK4RTF KA4R...)2014View log
2729A1A   (9A2DQ 9A5E 9A5W 9A6A 9A7IM...)2012View log
2709A1A   (9A2DQ 9A4CD 9A5DDT 9A5E 9A...)2013View log
2559A1A   (9A5W 9A6A 9A7R 9A7C 9A5DDT...)2015View log
2419A1A   (9A9A 9A5W 9A2DQ 9A5DDT 9A6...)2014View log
2329A1A   (9A5W 9A9A 9A6A 9A7R 9A7C 9...)2017View log
232RW0A   (RA0AM RW0AR RZ0AT RZ0AI RG...)2016View log
217NR4M   (NR4M K4SV K4EU K4EC N3ZV K...)2012View log
213NR4M   (NR4M G2YL N4DXS K4EC K4MIL...)2015View log
211NR4M   (NR4M K7SV K4GM KT0P K4EC G...)2013View log
208RW0A   (RA0AM R0ACG RA0ANR RA0ASG ...)2014View log
206HG1S   (HA1TJ HA6NF HA8DM HA1DAC H...)2014View log
192RW0A   (RA0AM RA0ALM RU0AM RW0AR R...)2015View log
190VE7UF   (VE7FO VE7IO VA7HDJ UW0CN V...)2012View log
1899A1A   (9A5W 9A9A 9A6A 9A7R 9A7C 9...)2018View log
189W1AW/KH6   (KH6FP AH6OZ WH6R KH6MB W7N...)2014View log
186NR4M   (NR4M W3TB NR4C K7SV N7TY K...)2016View log
184LY2W   (LY1FW LY2FN LY2MM LY2NY LY...)2020View log
183NR4M   (KS4Q K5OF NR4M W4GO K4GM K...)2019View log

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(*) Indicates low power entry in higher power category.


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