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Plaques & Sponsors

List of available awards and sponsors for the CQ WPX RTTY Contest. Plaques will be awarded for the top score in the specified category and region listed below.

Single-Op DXpedition Award, I2UIY Memorial

Paolo I2UIY DXpedition Niger 2002

This plaque is sponsored annually by CQ WW Advisory Committee for the CQWW RTTY Contest in memory of Paolo Cortese, I2UIY. The recipient will be chosen by the CQ RTTY Contest Committee from among all single-operator entries from DXpeditions in that year's contest. Final score is only one aspect considered in determining the recipient. Difficulty of the endeavor, rarity of location, contribution to the local environment, etc. are all factors that are important in determining the winner. Paolo himself made many contest DXpeditions, setting records and regaling his hosts with his jovial, effervescent personality.

Single Operator

All BandsWORLDJeff Blaine, AC0C
All BandsUSAAbroham Neal Software by K3NC
All BandsUSA W7Hank Lonberg, KR7X in memory of Bob Wruble, W7GG
All BandsEUROPEFlexRadio Systems
All BandsNORTH AMERICA**Marty Sullaway, NN1C
All BandsAFRICAVlado Karamitrov, N3CZ
All BandsASIAMike Trowbridge, KA4RRU in memory of Steve Veader, N4DXS
All BandsOCEANIAAvailable for sponsorship
All BandsSOUTH AMERICAAvailable for sponsorship
All BandsCANADAAvailable for sponsorship
All Bands Low PowerWORLDGerry Treas, K8GT
All Bands Low PowerUSAGerry Treas, K8GT
All Bands Low PowerEUROPEFlexRadio Systems
All Bands Low PowerNORTH AMERICA**Wray Dudley, AB4SF
All Bands Low PowerASIAAvailable for sponsorship
All Bands Low PowerOCEANIADoug Faunt, N6TQS
All Bands Low PowerCANADAAvailable for sponsorship
All Bands QRPWORLDVlado Karamitrov, N3CZ
All Bands QRPEUROPEAvailable for sponsorship
All Bands QRPNORTH AMERICA**FlexRadio Systems

Single-Op Single Band

3.5 MHzWORLDAvailable for sponsorship
7 MHzWORLDAvailable for sponsorship
7 MHz Low PowerEUROPEAvailable for sponsorship
14 MHzWORLDSteve "Sid" Caesar, NH7C
14 MHz Low PowerWORLDKenny Young, AB4GG
14 MHz QRPWORLDAvailable for sponsorship
21 MHzWORLDAvailable for sponsorship
21 MHz Low PowerWORLDAvailable for sponsorship
28 MHzWORLDSteve Bookout, NR4M, and the "Goat Farm Gang"


Multi-OneWORLDRich Cady, N1IXF
Multi-One Low PowerWORLDEd Muns, W0YK
Multi-OneUSAJohn Lockhart, W0DC
Multi-One Low PowerUSAFlexRadio Systems
Multi-OneAFRICAAvailable for sponsorship
Multi-OneEUROPEBilly GM6DX
Multi-OneNORTH AMERICA**FlexRadio Systems
Multi-TwoWORLDSteve Bookout, NR4M, and the "Goat Farm Gang"
Multi-TwoUSACTRI Contest Group in memory of Chris KA1GEU (SK)
Multi-TwoNORTH AMERICA**FlexRadio Systems
Multi-TwoEUROPEFlexRadio Systems
Multi-UnlimitedWORLDSteve Bookout, NR4M, and the "Goat Farm Gang"
Multi-UnlimitedCANADAFlexRadio Systems


ClubWORLDPotomac Valley Radio Club
ClubUSANorthern California Contest Club

** USA and Canadian stations are not eligible for the NORTH AMERICA awards.

If you would like to sponsor a plaque, please contact Rich Cady, N1IXF at plaques@cqwwrtty.com. Cost is $65. Sponsors have first-right-of-refusal for next year's plaques.

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