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DJ6UPSO LP ALLFTdx3000 Dipol 100w
DJ6XBSO LP 20MUnfortunately, my participation time was very limited this year again
DK7HASO QRP ALLIC-703, K3, 5 watt Optibeam 17-4, 40 m vertical, 80 m 4-square Thanks to the organizers for the contest and all, who worked me, for the qsos. This year no longer as tm3t (f5vbt) from my French qth but from Germany at the qth of dm9ee. He provided the superb antennas whereas I used my IC-703 and a K3, my standard and proven set-up. I spent most of the time on 80 m and 40 m. That payed off with a big amount of north American stns, I guess, due to the 3-element yagi on 40 m and the good condx, may be better during the first than the second night. Kept the yagi to NA and neglected the European multipliers. 80 m was neither bad with the 4-square. However, on 20 m it was difficult to get any real attention which was worth to stay. 40 m was so much better that I crossed the 30 hours without recognizing it. I was so hooked
DL0GEOSO LP 20MEnjoyable as usual. TNX guys
DL0RDSO HP ALLClub station
DL0VGMSLtnx ver nice Contest - see you 2019
DL1EALSO LP ALL3 QSOs on 15, and 10m a complete black-out! I hope this is as bad as it gets
DL1HBTSO LP 15M15m single band was really hard work, but who says ham radio operators do not need endurance. Anyway, I managed to work all continents but would have loved to make double or triple number of QSO. Thanks to all who made it into my log. vy73/55, Tom
DL2PKSO LP ALLYAESU FT-897 50W, Dipol 2 x 30m
DL2ZASO LP 40MTS 850 S - 2x 19,5m - Doppelzepp - H?hnerleitung
DL3DWSO HP ALLnever becomes my favourite mode
DL3SYASO LP ALLTS-590SG with 75 Watts to FD4 (with 2 elements)
DL4ZASO LP ALLYaesu FT-450 Stepp IR, 40 meter Dipolo, 80 meter Loop
DL5AWISO LP ALLsorry for some dupes and mistakes, had problems with the RTTY-program
DL5KUDSO LP 40MICOM-7400 80 watts to dipole up 7 meters only
DL5UGSO LP ALLMein erster CQ WPX RTTY Contest!
DL5ZBSO LP ALLTRX ICOM 756proIII, ANT: TA53M, Sym Dipole 2x26m
DL6DJSO LP ALLcu in the next Contest
DL7CXSO HP ALLpart-time operation... low bands in good shape. My best result ever in a rtty wpx contest
DM4EAXSO LP ALLLicensed since July 1st 2017
DN3CXSO HP 20MMy first steps on RTTY. Nele DE1NBK/DN3CX - 12 years
DO1EMCChecklogLicensed Juny 6 th 2014
DO1ISESO LP ALLHam Radio License at 07.02.2018
DO4SKEChecklogLicensed November 11 th 2017
DO7ESSO LP ALLTRX Flexradio 6300 ATU Ant TitanDX
DQ4WMSLBest score ever - in spite of low sunspot numbers. Great activity on the low bands somewhat compensated weak conditions on the high bands
DQ5MMSL5/6 Bavarian Contest Club, 1/6 Rhein Ruhr DX Association
DX2RMSLDX2R had several problems during the contest! We had to repair the rotor and computer during the contest. Although we had many problems to overcome the contest was a blast from San Fernando City, LA Union!
EA1BYASO QRP ALLonly two watts during the contest and vertical antenna
EA1HRRSO LP 15M73 to all
EA1ITCSO QRP ALLNice to work this RTTY contest
EA1XTSO HP 20Mvery funny, as usually. See you next year
EA2CCGSO LP ALLA contest with a lot of problems if an antena works don??????t touch it
EA2DDESO HP ALLICOM 7600 dipolo DX-B Alpha Delta o hy gain avq 14+expert 1k
EA3DNCSO LP 40M30 H 10-02-2018 0000 TO 0914 NO QSO 10-02-2018 1255 TO 1519 NO QSO 10-02-2018 2138 TO 2306 NO QSO 11-02-2018 0142 TO 0706 NO QSO 11-02-2018 1212 TO 1454 NO QSO 11-02-2018 1850 TO 2027 NO QSO
EA3FHPSO QRP 20MRepublic of Catalonia
EA3HKASO LP ALLAsta el proximo concurso, Saludos
EA4BASSO LP ALLKenwood TS2000 Cuschraft A3S Dipole End Fed Half Wave EFHW-8010 Power uesd 85 Watts
EA4EJRSO LP ALLStation located in Olivenza NR Badajoz Loc IM68KQ
EA5IIKSO LP ALLft 757gx 100W , inverted Vee , MTTY
EA8/HB9FIHSO LP ALLSurprise of the weekend: 15m Band was vy good. Between I made the PACC Contest in CW too. RIG FT-991A 90 Watts , ANT ZS6BKW TNX to all from Canary Island El Hierro 73 de Erich
EA8AQVSO LP ALLYaesu FT-857D Dipole Windom 70 Watt
EA8OGSO LP ALLYaesu FT-857 D and rigid dipole
EA8OMSO LP ALLOnly S&P with memorykeys of IC-756PROIII, changed my number by hand for every QSO... GP for 14 and 21, dipole for 7 MC
ED1MKSO LP 20MCada d??????a me lo paso mejor! y eso que aprendo a golpes. hi hi hi
EE5VMSHFine weekend with good friends and good Spanish paella
ES100FSO LP 20MRIG Kenwood TS-2000, PWR 100 W, ANT tribander JP-2000 This operation took place in the frames of 100th birthday celebrations of Estonian Republic

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