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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
1EA8AHEA82007MULTI-TWO17,001,4204,558  895  OH1RY OH2BP YL1ZF YL3DW 
2OM8AOM2007MULTI-MULTI10,402,0973,092  877  9A7R OM2KW OM3RM OM7JG 
3P49XP42007SO HIGH ALL9,981,7383,023  723  W0YK 
4UU7JUR2007MULTI-MULTI9,620,5203,205  840  UR5NX UR7EU UT4ZX UT9NA UU0JM UU1AZ 
5Z37MZ32007MULTI-MULTI9,257,2463,254  794  Z31MM Z32ID Z33F Z33ZOD Z35W Z35T ... 
6RW0AUA02007MULTI-MULTI8,601,0122,948  734  RA0AM RU0AM RU0AB RV0AR RA0ALM RA0AHC ... 
7SP0DXCSP2007MULTI-MULTI8,136,7102,621  782  SP7GIQ SP5UAF SQ5BPM SQ5NBQ SP5HNK ... 
8LX8MLX2007MULTI-TWO8,121,3142,885  751  LX1ER DF7ZS DJ9KM DL1ZBO DJ5BX DK9FEC ... 
9CT9MCT32007MULTI-ONE HIGH8,071,5062,630  738  CT3DL CT3DZ CT3EE CT3HK CT3IA CT3KY ... 
10KI1GW12007MULTI-TWO7,054,1262,880  778  KI1G K1JN N1HRA NG1G KO1H 
11EF8AEA82007MULTI-ONE HIGH6,508,2602,297  692  EA8AAG EC8ABQ EA8AUW 
12HG1SHA2007MULTI-ONE HIGH6,340,2852,287  749  HA1TJ HA1DAI HA1DAC HA1DAE 
13DG7RODL2007MULTI-TWO6,053,7802,289  716  DG7RO DL6RAI DL2MLU ALEX 
14TI5NTI2007MULTI-TWO5,652,1202,525  670  WJ7R K9JY KI7Y K7AR 
15K3MMW32007SO HIGH ALL5,512,9602,378  730    
164L8A4L2007MULTI-ONE HIGH5,187,3882,110  634  4L6AMB 4L8A 
17TM4PF2007MULTI-ONE HIGH4,938,6692,055  657  F2FZ F5OAM F6BKD F6CXJ 
18WW4LLW42007MULTI-MULTI4,699,2002,472  704  WW4LL KI5XP K4ZJ K9JS K4AQ WF4W K5ZM ... 
19UA9CLBUA92007SO HIGH ALL4,489,6831,832  583    
20WI6NEW62007MULTI-TWO4,284,9692,569  663  WK6I W6OAT N6DE 
21EN9MUR2007SO HIGH ALL4,181,1482,070  657  UR5MID 
22ZX2BPY2007SO LOW ALL4,149,4861,760  627    
23K4GMHW42007SO HIGH ALL4,118,0761,975  657    
24OE9ROE2007MULTI-ONE HIGH4,006,6111,705  609  OE9GHV OE9HGV OE9HLH OE9MHV OE9MON; ... 
25NB1BW12007SO HIGH ALL3,991,4281,760  674    
26LZ8ALZ2007SO HIGH ALL3,962,0881,838  664    
27RD3AUA-32007SO HIGH ALL3,939,5561,782  692  RD3AF 
28DA3XDL2007MULTI-TWO3,814,1641,821  606  DK2OY DL5JS DL5KUT DL6EZ 
29KA4RRUW42007MULTI-MULTI3,812,7602,127  680  KA4RRU K5OF N4DXS KT4AD K3UI KE4BUS ... 
305C5WCN2007SO LOW ALL3,677,2021,541  591  CN8KD 
31RK3DXWUA-32007MULTI-ONE HIGH3,580,0651,720  621  RZ3DZF UA3DPM RU3DBR RN3AHL RX3DCN Av ... 
32LB8IBLA2007SO HIGH ALL3,494,8981,704  627    
33DL1IAODL2007SO HIGH ALL3,480,5381,664  607    
34YT0AYT2007MULTI-ONE HIGH3,478,3931,717  599  YT1WW YU1XX YZ1ZX Mickey Vladanko 
35OH6ROH2007MULTI-MULTI3,472,9311,753  583  OH3FM OH3MFP OH3MMF OH3PP OH3TM ... 
36I4IKWI2007SO HIGH 40M3,411,7201,195  585    
377X0RY7X2007SO HIGH 40M3,380,3461,064  531    
38OM5ZWOM2007SO HIGH ALL3,311,5101,435  601    
39I2UIYI2007SO HIGH ALL3,176,3821,572  561    
40VE3APVE32007SO HIGH ALL3,059,5281,536  562    
41R7C/3UA-32007MULTI-ONE HIGH2,969,7001,380  570  RN3QO RN3QY UA3QJJ 
42KU1CW/0W02007SO HIGH ALL2,924,4601,779  630    
43TK5KPTK2007MULTI-ONE HIGH2,923,9651,518  605  TK1CX TK5EP 
44YR9PYO2007SO HIGH ALL2,905,0841,466  598  YO9HP 
45VA3DXVE32007SO HIGH ALL2,901,0991,370  573    
46KO1NW12007SO HIGH ALL2,891,0701,637  585  N4BAA 
47AF4ZW42007MULTI-ONE HIGH2,792,4121,820  588  AF4Z K4QD K4PX WF3C 
48DQ9MDL2007SO HIGH ALL2,756,3521,443  582  DL5NAM 
49UA9UZZUA92007MULTI-ONE HIGH2,736,0001,442  500  UA9UX RK9UE RW9UIK 
50RW4PLUA-42007SO HIGH ALL2,719,9261,530  594    
51AO1AKSEA2007SO HIGH ALL2,663,9751,514  565  EA1AKS 
52UR4EWTUR2007MULTI-ONE HIGH2,644,8851,473  545  UT6EY UR7EY UT4ES 
53UT2IIUR2007SO HIGH ALL2,629,7811,411  539    
54YZ9AYT2007MULTI-ONE HIGH2,611,6481,443  559  YU1AU YU1BN YZ1PFR 
55OK1KSLOK2007MULTI-ONE HIGH2,563,5441,322  548  OK1AHG OK1AHJ OK1FAK 
56J43BSFSV2007MULTI-ONE HIGH2,529,4501,534  525  SV1CIB SV1CDN SV1DPI SV3BSF 
57DL3TDDL2007SO HIGH 40M2,451,826999  521    
58RK4LWZUA-42007MULTI-ONE HIGH2,420,5101,436  530  UA4LL RA4LE UA4LCH RA4LBS RW4LDX 
599A5W9A2007SO HIGH 20M2,409,9631,436  659    
60VE1OPVE12007SO LOW ALL2,397,9151,372  585    
61UX0FFUR2007SO HIGH 40M2,392,5901,055  519    
62RK9JWRUA92007MULTI-ONE HIGH2,371,6221,373  473  RA9JR RV9JR RZ9WF 
63UW5QUR2007SO HIGH 40M2,327,350994  523    
64UT5UMLUR2007SO HIGH ALL2,320,7231,286  529    
65HI3TEJHI2007SO LOW ALL2,319,4501,482  525    
66S56AS52007MULTI-ONE HIGH2,315,0401,190  546  S56A YU7AL YZ7EM 
67YL7AYL2007SO HIGH ALL2,285,928988  513    
68DP5MDL2007SO HIGH ALL2,262,8281,279  538  DL4MDO 
69W3FVW32007SO HIGH ALL2,242,0201,330  516    
70RU9TOUA92007SO HIGH ALL2,198,7871,166  463    
71AI9TW92007SO HIGH ALL2,102,8001,572  560    
72VE2RYYVE22007SO HIGH 20M2,076,0031,279  621    
73YW0DXYV02007MULTI-ONE HIGH2,071,6981,292  487  YV5KAJ YV1FM YV5SSB YV5RED YV1CTE ... 
74IV3OWCI2007SO HIGH 40M2,060,872877  484    
75IW1ARBI2007SO HIGH ALL2,057,5421,185  514    
76WA2ETUW22007SO HIGH ALL2,056,8301,409  555    
77WX5SW62007MULTI-TWO2,045,7691,647  517  WX5S KI6CCH K6OWL ND2T W6LD K6PR N7MH 
784Z5CP4X2007SO LOW ALL2,012,2831,095  441    
79WB9ZW92007SO HIGH ALL1,971,5671,351  533    
80K4ROW42007SO HIGH ALL1,965,4441,547  516    
81W3MFW32007SO HIGH ALL1,953,7201,329  540    
82SO4MSP2007SO HIGH 80M1,936,118924  479  SP4MPG 
83RK4SWAUA-42007MULTI-MULTI1,907,5601,189  463  RU4SU RU4SS RN4SS UA4SAW 
84IV3ZXQI2007SO HIGH 40M1,890,070877  469    
85S54ES52007SO HIGH 80M1,889,966893  463    
86ZC4LIZC42007SO HIGH 20M1,869,3501,176  545    
87JH4UYBJA42007SO HIGH ALL1,855,8251,125  475    
88VE3UTTVE32007SO HIGH ALL1,850,0711,112  521    
89UO6PUN2007SO LOW ALL1,828,0081,129  434  UN7PBY 
90N0NIW02007MULTI-ONE HIGH1,825,7931,373  523  N0NI N0AC K0WHV KE0WO 
91EU1AZEU2007SO HIGH ALL1,822,7011,163  467    
929A2DQ9A2007SO HIGH 80M1,808,184899  458    
93RW9UUUA92007SO LOW ALL1,788,7111,176  419    
94NP3D/WE1W12007SO LOW ALL1,788,2801,192  520  EW1AR 
95W4GKMW42007SO HIGH ALL1,787,0401,429  510    
96SV1DPPSV2007SO HIGH ALL1,783,9141,149  453    
97UW5UUR2007SO HIGH ALL1,773,8761,094  498  UY2UA 
98N2XDW22007SO HIGH ALL1,771,9241,208  484    
99ED1BXNEA2007SO LOW ALL1,755,7651,069  495    
100LW9EOCLU2007SO HIGH 15M1,751,1751,087  543    
1642 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.


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