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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
15D5ACN2012MULTI-ONE HIGH15,579,5643,859  1,001  47.8IW1AYD IZ1LBG IK2QEI IK2SGC IZ4GWE ...
2IQ4FCI2021MULTI-ONE HIGH14,345,7933,368  1,141  48.0I4IFL IK4DCW IK4HVR IK4MGP IU4OMO ...
3EE8EEA82010MULTI-ONE HIGH14,208,9603,467  960  48.0EA4QB (OH0XX) EA8AH (OH1RY) EA8CAC
4IQ1RYI2021MULTI-ONE HIGH12,176,5742,970  1,087  48.0IW1ARB IZ1LBG
5IQ4FCI2023MULTI-ONE HIGH11,821,9503,440  1,050  48.0IK4DCW IK4HVR IK4MGP IU4OMO IU4BDX ...
6OL57ZWOK2021MULTI-ONE HIGH11,179,8722,848  1,056  47.9OK1CDJ OK1CID OK1MU OK1XUB OK1YM ...
7OL7MOK2016MULTI-ONE HIGH10,565,8022,933  1,038  48.0OK1CID OK1DF OK1MU OK1NOR OK1XUB ...
8HG7THA2016MULTI-ONE HIGH10,456,8122,877  1,038  48.0HA7TM HA9PP HG5DX HA8LLK
9HG17EYOFHA2017MULTI-ONE HIGH10,231,8362,796  978  48.0HA1TJ HA1DAI HA1SN HA1DAE
10ED1REA2012MULTI-ONE HIGH9,873,6002,989  968  47.9EA1CJ EA4AOC EC1KR EC4DX EA4TD
11S52XS52019MULTI-ONE HIGH9,838,5842,659  972  48.0S50XX S52K S52X S55G S55Y S56Y S57AV ...
12IQ1RYI2016MULTI-ONE HIGH9,670,9202,729  1,015  48.0I1BEP IK1SPR IW1AYD IW1QN IZ1LBG ...
13ED1REA2016MULTI-ONE HIGH9,616,3202,916  1,008  48.0EA1AR EA1CJ EA1FMD EC1KR EA4AOC EC4DX
14HG1SHA2015MULTI-ONE HIGH9,555,9802,860  980  47.9HA1TJ HA8DM HA1DAC HA1DAI HA6NF HA1DAE
15HG1SHA2018MULTI-ONE HIGH9,406,2222,562  994  47.7HA1TJ HA1DAI HA1SN HA1DAE
16IQ6ANI2017MULTI-ONE HIGH8,935,4762,385  974  48.0IZ6TSA IK6JNH IK6VXO
17ED1REA2015MULTI-ONE HIGH8,932,2722,714  982  48.0EC1KR EA2CJ EA4AOC EA5DKU EC4DX
18IQ9UIIT92017MULTI-ONE HIGH8,918,5182,630  973  48.0IT9EQO IT9WNU IT9CHU IV3YYK IT9CJC ...
194O3A4O2009MULTI-ONE HIGH8,670,2692,763  857  47.84O3A 4O4A Z30A S51D YU1JW
20HG7THA2015MULTI-ONE HIGH8,597,1602,660  936  48.0HA5WA HA7TM HA9PP HA0DU HG5DX
21IQ9UIIT92016MULTI-ONE HIGH8,565,9602,700  969  48.0IW9GTD IT9HBT IT9CJC IT9EQO IT9WNU ...
22ED1REA2013MULTI-ONE HIGH8,512,8262,722  922  47.4EA1AR EC1KR EA2CJ EA2CYJ EA4SV EA4AOC ...
23HG1SHA2019MULTI-ONE HIGH8,441,0622,467  938  48.0HA1TJ HA1DAE HA1SN HA1DAI
24V55VV52016MULTI-ONE HIGH8,309,0302,791  883  48.0DD8ZX DC8QT DJ9KM
259A5D9A2021MULTI-ONE HIGH8,302,3922,573  969  47.49A3AW 9A3FRD 9A3ID 9A3SMS 9A3SKY ...
26IQ1RYI2013MULTI-ONE HIGH8,167,6682,623  879  47.6IK1HXN II1BEP IZ1LBG IK1SPR IK1RQT ...
27CT9MCT32007MULTI-ONE HIGH8,071,5062,630  738  CT3DL CT3DZ CT3EE CT3HK CT3IA CT3KY ... 
28E73ME72010MULTI-ONE HIGH8,044,4112,488  881  47.8E73M E73Y E74A E74KC
29PJ4ZPJ42019MULTI-ONE HIGH8,016,8432,416  823  46.6WW4LL NN9DD
30HG1SHA2016MULTI-ONE HIGH7,980,6512,485  917  47.4HA1TJ HA1DAI HA1SN HA1DAE
31ED1REA2014MULTI-ONE HIGH7,912,2932,736  929  48.0EA1AR EA1ASC EC1KR EA4AOC EC4DX
32P41YLP42010MULTI-ONE HIGH7,904,2562,422  768  44.8P40YL P49V
339A5D9A2016MULTI-ONE HIGH7,841,6582,483  957  48.09A3AW 9A3ERO 9A3ID 9A3VM 9A5DU 9A7Z
349A5D9A2018MULTI-ONE HIGH7,729,2382,347  902  48.09A3ID 9A3SMS 9A3VM 9A5DU 9A7Z
35OK7OOK2021MULTI-ONE HIGH7,715,5202,350  912  48.0OK1DOL OK1NP OK1XFJ OK3RM
369A5D9A2019MULTI-ONE HIGH7,577,8562,408  897  47.99A3AW 9A3ID 9A3VM 9A7Z
37UA5AUA-32014MULTI-ONE HIGH7,532,0702,643  930  45.4UA5C
38J42LSV2022MULTI-ONE HIGH7,509,1242,349  932  47.9SV2KF SV2BXA SV2CLJ SV2DCD SV2SNS ...
39WW4LLW42016MULTI-ONE HIGH7,507,4722,671  952  47.9WW4LL AA4CF W9SN W4KTR
40RK9CWAUA92010MULTI-ONE HIGH7,431,5852,566  735  45.7UA9CGA RW9CF RA9DF
41RY9CUA92011MULTI-ONE HIGH7,423,8842,423  754  46.6UA9CGA RW9CF RA9DF
42HG7THA2013MULTI-ONE HIGH7,364,1802,488  860  47.8HA5CW HA5WA HA7TM HA9PP HA0DU HA5KQ
43ED1REA2024MULTI-ONE HIGH7,335,9002,389  950  48.0EA1TL EA4AOC
44IQ6ANI2016MULTI-ONE HIGH7,331,3452,409  899  48.0IK6VXO IZ6TSA IK6JNH
45A60AA62021MULTI-ONE HIGH7,327,2642,339  784  45.6A61MW A61NN A65FH A65BP
46SZ1ASV2022MULTI-ONE HIGH7,285,5002,419  900  48.0SV8PMM SV1CIB SV1DPI SV1DPJ
47WI0WAW02013MULTI-ONE HIGH7,237,4582,934  909  45.1N0AC N0MGK N0NI N0XR WI0H @N0NI
48T93ME72008MULTI-ONE HIGH7,185,7722,520  788   
49K1SFAW12013MULTI-ONE HIGH7,176,3122,515  884  45.4K1MK K1SFA @K1TTT
50OM3KFFOM2012MULTI-ONE HIGH7,098,8262,342  833  47.6OM4CX OM1ADX OM0AAG OM4DW
51K1SFAW12016MULTI-ONE HIGH7,077,9542,503  881  47.1K1MK K1SFA @K1TTT
52S51AS52012MULTI-ONE HIGH7,069,0622,335  858  47.5S50LD S51D S51F S55O S56CW S58L
53S51MAS52013MULTI-ONE HIGH7,006,9122,325  814  46.3S51MA S51NM S52OP S52SK S52GC
54F5CWUF2011MULTI-ONE HIGH6,943,6082,304  828  47.1F5CWU F4EGD F4ERS
55DR5NDL2019MULTI-ONE HIGH6,936,6152,110  855  48.0DJ9DZ DK5OS DL9YAJ
56WW4LLW42013MULTI-ONE HIGH6,927,3252,550  925  47.8WW4LL W4DXX K1ZZI
57HG7THA2019MULTI-ONE HIGH6,878,0752,128  895  48.0HA7TM HA3MN HA5CAR HG5DX
58OH8XOH2012MULTI-ONE HIGH6,815,4872,551  867  46.9OH8KTN OH8GDU OH6CT OH8WW
59YU5RYT2022MULTI-ONE HIGH6,736,6202,149  885  47.9IV3CTS YT2AAA YT3PL YT7AW
609A0Z9A2017MULTI-ONE HIGH6,734,9521,984  882  48.09A5K 9A5KIR 9A7JZC 9A9HI 9A9T 9A9TT
61ES5QES2011MULTI-ONE HIGH6,725,9702,306  859  44.7ES5RY YL2KF YL1ZF
62UZ2IUR2019MULTI-ONE HIGH6,701,3382,409  826  47.2UT2II UT2IV US2IR UY2IF UR0IM US9IDD
63IZ1LBGI2010MULTI-ONE HIGH6,678,0002,271  840  47.8IZ1LBG IW1ARB IW1QN IK1HXN IK1SPR ...
64YL4UYL2012MULTI-ONE HIGH6,675,6802,337  880  46.6YL1ZF YL2CI YL2UI YL3CU
65UF3CWRUA-32008MULTI-ONE HIGH6,627,4182,631  763   
66DR5NDL2020MULTI-ONE HIGH6,626,3122,063  868  47.9DJ9DZ DK5OS DL9YAJ
67LS1DLU2011MULTI-ONE HIGH6,625,3322,352  854  45.8LW1DTZ LU3CT LW9EOC
68DP7DDL2018MULTI-ONE HIGH6,619,9682,042  864  47.9DF1QR DH8AF DL1REM DC2YY DL8UD DN2HAM
69J42LSV2020MULTI-ONE HIGH6,616,5122,229  864  48.0SV2KF SV2AEL SV2BXA SV2DCD
70NV9LW92017MULTI-ONE HIGH6,551,9602,452  932  48.0NV9L W9ILY N9LAH K9CS WB9Z
71RL3AUA-32005MULTI-ONE HIGH6,537,1802,449  663  RL3FT RV3BA RX3DCX UA3ASZ 
72EF8AEA82007MULTI-ONE HIGH6,508,2602,297  692  EA8AAG EC8ABQ EA8AUW 
73Z37MZ32013MULTI-ONE HIGH6,504,9322,228  812  45.7Z32ID Z35KG Z36N
74OM8AOM2008MULTI-ONE HIGH6,468,0242,212  764   
75DP7DDL2016MULTI-ONE HIGH6,451,0322,108  893  48.0DL1REM DF1QR DH8AF DC2YY
769A5D9A2023MULTI-ONE HIGH6,384,9302,363  870  47.99A3AW 9A3FRD 9A3ID 9A3SMS 9A3VM 9A5DU ...
77HG1SHA2007MULTI-ONE HIGH6,340,2852,287  749  HA1TJ HA1DAI HA1DAC HA1DAE 
78ZV2KPY2014MULTI-ONE HIGH6,311,2662,359  871  47.1PY2EL PY2PT PY2VM PY2LED PY2SHF
79HG7THA2014MULTI-ONE HIGH6,283,0252,227  805  48.0HA5MY HA7TM HA9PP HA0DU HA5WA
80RY6YUA-62015MULTI-ONE HIGH6,275,7002,467  855  47.9RU6YJ RW6ALB RY7Y RA6YDX
81RL3AUA-32008MULTI-ONE HIGH6,261,1642,487  721   
82K1SFAW12012MULTI-ONE HIGH6,257,6082,401  853  45.8K1MK K1SFA @K1TTT
83DQ9YDL2024MULTI-ONE HIGH6,255,3602,020  905  47.7DO6SR DF2SD
84IW9GTDIT92014MULTI-ONE HIGH6,244,1022,293  857  47.9IW9GTD IT9HBT IT9EQ0 IV3TMV IT9ECQ ...
85S52XS52009MULTI-ONE HIGH6,236,3362,189  752  47.1S52X S55Y S57LR S50XX
86SZ1ASV2015MULTI-ONE HIGH6,217,5302,404  830  47.7SV1CIB SV1DPI SV1DPJ SV1ELF SV1JMO ...
87EI1YEI2015MULTI-ONE HIGH6,187,7432,349  813  45.7EI3KG EI5JQ EI6DX EI6KD EI7KD EI8GXB
88F6KNBF2022MULTI-ONE HIGH6,166,6112,045  891  48.0F4DVX F1DHX
89OK7OOK2018MULTI-ONE HIGH6,131,7002,021  810  47.0OK1DOL OK1XFJ OK1DWQ OK7SM OK1IWS
90DK050BNDL2022MULTI-ONE HIGH6,049,1102,104  870  48.0DL2SAX DL4VK
91DR5NDL2022MULTI-ONE HIGH6,048,2402,031  870  47.9DJ9DZ DL2DBH DL9YAJ
92OG66XOH2021MULTI-ONE HIGH6,034,8942,237  893  47.4OH2HAN OH6CT OH8KA OH8KTN OH8WW
93ND3DW32024MULTI-ONE HIGH6,029,5052,260  885  44.0ND3D K3AJ WT3K K3WA W3MAM @K3AJ
94TM4PF2010MULTI-ONE HIGH5,973,7082,164  771  47.2F2FZ F5OAM F6BKD F6CXJ F6GVC F6IPQ
95VC3AVE32017MULTI-ONE HIGH5,968,0501,987  825  47.8N2WQ VE3AJ
96TI5NTI2003MULTI-ONE HIGH5,936,8702,890  670  N5KO W6OTC 
97LZ5RLZ2023MULTI-ONE HIGH5,927,5482,121  814  40.9LZ1NK LZ3ND LZ5DB
98OM5MOM2011MULTI-ONE HIGH5,923,1041,994  781  46.7 
99S55WS52014MULTI-ONE HIGH5,874,6782,241  778  48.0S56G S53NW S50XX
100OL3AOK2017MULTI-ONE HIGH5,846,1081,790  829  40.2OK4RQ OK1IC OK1AY OK1MR
1355 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.


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