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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
1CR3DXCT32019MULTI-TWO24,254,2415,003  1,111  48.0CT3BD CT3DZ CT3EN CT3KY OM2KW OM3RM ...
2CR3DXCT32020MULTI-TWO21,011,4004,540  1,080  47.9CT3DZ CT3EN CT3FW CT3KY OK1HRA OM2KW
3CR3ACT32017MULTI-TWO18,969,9554,346  1,055  46.9CT3BD CT3DZ CT3DL CT3EN CT3EE CT3KY ...
4EA8AHEA82007MULTI-TWO17,001,4204,558  895  OH1RY OH2BP YL1ZF YL3DW 
5LX7ILX2017MULTI-TWO16,994,3594,014  1,123  48.0DF7ZS DL6ZBN DK5ON DJ6GI DD5ZZ DL8LR ...
69A1A9A2011MULTI-TWO16,397,8324,155  1,074  47.89A9A 9A7R 9A6A 9A5W 9A2DQ
7LX7ILX2015MULTI-TWO16,292,0944,388  1,126  48.0LX2A DK5ON DL6ZBN DD5ZZ DL8LR DF8XC ...
8Z60AZ62018MULTI-TWO15,977,7364,374  972  48.0DD2ML DJ5IW DM5TI S57AW
9LX7ILX2018MULTI-TWO15,554,4483,611  1,092  48.0DF7ZS DD5ZZ DJ6GI DK5ON DL6ZBN DL8LR ...
10LX7ILX2013MULTI-TWO15,381,3564,126  1,039  48.0LX2A DL8LR DL6ZBN DF8XC DL2YCA DK1QH ...
114O3A4O2010MULTI-TWO14,493,7923,917  996  47.14O3A 4O4A 4O6Z YU1YV S51D Z30A
12NP3UKP42008MULTI-TWO 14,053,6804,387  894   
13HA30SHA2013MULTI-TWO13,928,5363,751  1,046  47.8HA1TJ HA1DAC HA1DAI HA6NF HA7PL HA8DM ...
14NP2/N5RZKP22013MULTI-TWO13,884,8494,502  1,009  44.9N5RZ K5RZA WP2XX
15DR5NDL2015MULTI-TWO13,565,6373,704  1,119  48.0DF1MM DJ9DZ DK5OS DL9YAJ
16LX7ILX2016MULTI-TWO13,356,5953,697  1,063  45.2LX2A DF7ZS DL6ZBN DK5ON DF8XC DG3FK
17S51AS52018MULTI-TWO12,698,2623,257  1,017  48.0S51TC S51ZJ S56B S50LD S55O S57PM S59MZ
18HG1SHA2012MULTI-TWO12,643,9283,541  1,012  48.0HA1TJ HA1DAC HA1DAI HA1SM HA7PL HA1DAE
19ES100CES2018MULTI-TWO12,516,1803,446  1,011  47.9ES5RY ES5JR ES4NY ES4RD ES5QA ES2DTS
20LX7ILX2014MULTI-TWO12,295,7823,679  1,011  48.0LX2A DL6ZBN DF8XC DK5ON DF7ZS
21K9CTW92016MULTI-TWO12,224,2684,072  1,084  48.0K9NR AI9T K9WX N9CK K9CT K3WA
22NP3UKP42013MULTI-TWO12,075,1723,861  983  44.7W1AN N1HRA K1SD K1DM KB1LCQ K3IU WP4U ...
23IQ1RYI2011MULTI-TWO12,072,1503,439  965  47.8I1BEP IK1SPR IK1RQT IK1HXN IW1QN IZ1LBG ...
24Z37MZ32010MULTI-TWO12,047,1403,561  931  48.0Z31MM Z32ID Z35T Z35X Z36N Z36W ...
25HG1SHA2011MULTI-TWO11,893,3733,259  947  48.0HA1TJ HA1DAE HA1DAC HA1DAI
26K9CTW92013MULTI-TWO11,850,0254,044  1,051  46.6AI9T K9CT K9WX K9ZO N7MB
27S51AS52017MULTI-TWO11,657,6323,153  994  48.0S51ZJ S55O S56DE S50LD S51TC S56B S55MZ ...
28DP7DDL2017MULTI-TWO11,561,9463,174  1,023  48.0DC2YY DJ4MH DF2SD DL1REM DL3SF DH8AF
29HG7THA2018MULTI-TWO11,528,8502,999  1,018  47.9HA7TM HA5WA HA9PP HG5DX HA7JHM HA0DU
30N0NIW02015MULTI-TWO10,937,4063,773  1,038  45.4N0XR N0NI N0AC NU0Q W0BNW
31S51AS52014MULTI-TWO10,864,8283,262  962  48.0S50LD S50P S51F S51ZJ S55O
32S51AS52015MULTI-TWO10,810,9523,272  947  48.0S51F S51ZJ S56B S51TC S57PM S51DE S54KM
333Z2XSP2013MULTI-TWO10,627,0293,259  987  46.2SP2DWG SP2FWC SP2GEK SP2TQI SQ2IHP ...
34K9CTW92017MULTI-TWO10,610,9133,526  1,041  48.0N9CK K3WA K9NR K9CT N7US K9WX
35RW0AUA02012MULTI-TWO10,232,4323,295  824  45.0RA0AM RA0ALM RV0AUI RU0A RU0AM RU0AIG ...
36LY100CYLY2018MULTI-TWO10,029,4102,831  955  47.8LY7Z LY9Y
37F4ERSF2012MULTI-TWO10,025,5863,187  954  47.7F4ERS F5CWU F4EGD F5MYK
38NP3UKP42009MULTI-TWO9,895,1843,523  842  44.2W1AN K3IU AJ1M N1HRA WP4U WP4N
39S51AS52020MULTI-TWO9,846,3242,847  958  48.0F5RAV DJ5CT S53F S55KZ S57PM S56DE ...
40LS1DLU2012MULTI-TWO9,784,6143,264  966  46.7LU3CT LU3HY LW1DTZ LW9EOC
41LZ7ALZ2016MULTI-TWO9,772,9583,150  962  48.0LZ1AO LZ1FCN LZ1FY LZ1GEN LZ1PV LZ1RF ...
42SZ1ASV2016MULTI-TWO9,621,0453,307  945  47.9SV1BDO SV1CIB SV1DPI SV1JG SV1JMC SV1JMO
43DP7DDL2020MULTI-TWO9,597,2842,811  956  48.0DF1QR DH8AF DJ4MH DL1REM DL3YCX LX1ER
44SZ1ASV2018MULTI-TWO9,471,1652,883  915  47.9SV1BDO SV1CIB SV1DPJ SV1JMC SV1RRX ...
45RW0AUA02010MULTI-TWO9,293,2203,183  765  47.0RA0AM RA0ALM RV0AU RV0AUI RW0AR RV0AX ...
46DA0WRTCDL2018MULTI-TWO9,288,0162,685  944  48.0DG1HWM DJ7TO DK4WA DL1RTL DL5YYM DL9NDV ...
47DL0CSDL2013MULTI-TWO9,251,6133,020  917  47.3DK2OY DK4LI DL1VH DL3LAB DL5LS
48S55WS52012MULTI-TWO9,245,5803,039  892  47.2S53NW S55Y S56G S57BM S57LR S50XX
49DQ4WDL2014MULTI-TWO9,232,4253,013  925  48.0DJ4MZ DK7MCX DL2MLU DL6RAI DL7LIN
50Z37MZ32009MULTI-TWO9,211,7743,079  806  47.3Z31MM Z32ID Z35T Z35X Z36N Z36W
51DP9ADL2013MULTI-TWO9,014,3942,961  922  47.5DG1HWM DK4WA DK7YY DL5YYM DL7URH DL9NDV ...
52YU8NUYT2011MULTI-TWO9,006,3002,817  900  48.0YT2T YT2B YU2A YT1BX YU8NU
53DP9ADL2020MULTI-TWO8,984,1462,614  934  48.0DH1TST DJ7TO DK1DSA DL1RTL DL5YYM ...
54OH6ROH2010MULTI-TWO8,923,1503,117  895  47.0OH3CV OH3FM OH3MFP OH3LQK OH6MLC ...
55DP9ADL2019MULTI-TWO8,815,6362,647  892  48.0DG1HWM DK1DSA DK4WA DL5YYM DL8UAT ...
56S549APRS52019MULTI-TWO8,813,8082,649  873  48.0F5RAV S50LD S51TC S51ZJ S55KZ S56B ...
57K9CTW92019MULTI-TWO8,789,4003,430  950  48.0K9WX AI9T ND9G K9CT KT9L N7US
58VE7SVVE72013MULTI-TWO8,491,3923,232  832  46.7VE7SV VE7CC VA7KO VE7DZO
59DP7DDL2019MULTI-TWO8,478,9002,580  900  48.0DF2SD DF1QR DL1REM DH8AF DJ4MH DC2YY ...
60EA8URLEA82010MULTI-TWO8,419,4282,684  813  45.9EA8URL EA8AXB EA8AZM EA8BEX EA8BQM ...
61HC8NHC82001MULTI-TWO8,411,1063,486  682  N5KO W6OTC N4GN K7PN 
62P40KP42000MULTI-TWO8,395,9293,516  703  I2UIY P43P AI6V 
63SZ1ASV2017MULTI-TWO8,292,2532,814  883  47.9SV2CLJ SV1CIB SV1BDO SV1DPI SV1JMC ...
64DP9ADL2017MULTI-TWO8,260,4492,467  921  43.6DG1HWM DK4WA DK7YY DL5YYM DL9NDV
65K9CTW92020MULTI-TWO8,218,6303,207  959  48.0AI9T K9WX N9CK K9NR KT9L K9CT
669A5K9A2016MULTI-TWO8,150,6522,613  926  48.09A5VEK 9A7JZC 9A7MM 9A7SSB 9A9HI 9A9T ...
67DL0CSDL2012MULTI-TWO8,145,0402,810  904  47.3DK2OY DK4LI DL1VH DL3LAB DL5XJ DL8LAS ...
68LX8MLX2007MULTI-TWO8,121,3142,885  751  LX1ER DF7ZS DJ9KM DL1ZBO DJ5BX DK9FEC ... 
69SN2BSP2012MULTI-TWO8,061,8082,740  856  47.3SP2HAV SP2QOT SQ2BXI SQ2NNN SQ2RGB
70ED1REA2021MULTI-TWO8,061,2732,554  963  47.4EA1P EA1TL EC1KR EA4AOC
71LY9YLY2019MULTI-TWO8,055,6962,585  876  47.3LY7Z LY9Y
72NG1GW12011MULTI-TWO7,862,2382,982  873  46.9W1AN W1PN K1DM W1XX N1HRA KO1H ...
73DL0CSDL2011MULTI-TWO7,764,9652,632  871  47.8DK2OY DK4LI DL1VH DL3LAB DL5LS DL5SE ...
74DL0CSDL2010MULTI-TWO7,709,9982,635  866  48.0DG8LG DK2OY DK4LI DL3LAB DL5LS
75DK0WRTCDL2016MULTI-TWO7,704,7922,747  904  48.0DL7UN DL3LAB DL1VH DK4LI DK2OY
76SZ1ASV2013MULTI-TWO7,689,5912,965  819  47.7SV1BDO SV1CIB SV1DPI SV1ENG SV1GYG ...
77LX8MLX2005MULTI-TWO7,645,9803,047  722  LX1RQ LX1ER DF7ZS DL1ZBO DF4OR 
78HC8NHC82000MULTI-TWO7,573,0863,423  666  N5KO W6OTC K6AW LU7DW LW8EXF 
79SP0DXCSP2006MULTI-TWO7,554,3262,566  754  SP7GIQ SP1DID SP5HNK SP5MBQ SP5LCC ... 
80OG8XOH2008MULTI-TWO 7,465,9202,746  808   
81VE7ACNVE72013MULTI-TWO7,431,4322,898  817  46.0VE7UF VE7JH VE7ACN @VE7UF
82IQ2CJI2017MULTI-TWO7,394,2742,230  919  39.0IW2MXY IW2HAJ IW2EMD IZ2OOS IZ2ABI ...
83YL4UYL2014MULTI-TWO7,300,8472,621  881  48.0YL2CI YL2UI YL3AJA YL3BF YL1ZF @YL2CI
84TM7ZF2008MULTI-TWO 7,265,2052,602  765   
85YT635AYT2005MULTI-TWO7,264,4143,157  709  YT635A S56A S57NDT S57IIO YU6ESC 
86DQ4WDL2009MULTI-TWO7,190,8192,497  787  47.4DG7RO DL2MLU DL6RAI DJ5CL DO5ALX DK7MCX
87DA0BCCDL2008MULTI-TWO 7,137,8582,555  769   
88KI1GW12007MULTI-TWO7,054,1262,880  778  KI1G K1JN N1HRA NG1G KO1H 
89KH6YYKH62005MULTI-TWO7,017,4722,909  616  AH6OZ KH6ND KH6YY KH7U WH7N 
90NG1GW12012MULTI-TWO6,963,2682,900  884  45.9W1AN K1DM K3IU W1PN NG1G
91YL2UIYL2021MULTI-TWO6,877,9112,428  867  44.7YL2UI YL2CI YL3CU
92NB3RW32016MULTI-TWO6,760,8252,574  925  44.7NJ3I N3OW NB3R
93N0NIW02014MULTI-TWO6,760,2033,263  901  48.0N0NI N0AC NU0Q N0XR WI0H N0MGK
94LN5OLA2012MULTI-TWO6,535,7492,472  869  41.7LA6FJA LA3CLA
95Z37MZ32005MULTI-TWO6,522,8952,965  677  Z31MM Z32ID Z32PT Z32XA Z36W 
96OH0ZOH02005MULTI-TWO6,415,6622,706  726  OH2NAK OH3BHL OH6GAZ OH6HZH OH6JHU OH9MM 
97LN5OLA2011MULTI-TWO6,381,6002,321  800  43.2LA6FJA SQ5BPM/S59NW S53NW LA5FHA
98LY2WLY2010MULTI-TWO6,204,7162,242  763  44.7LY1FW LY2FN LY2W LY3X LY4U
99DG7RODL2007MULTI-TWO6,053,7802,289  716  DG7RO DL6RAI DL2MLU ALEX 
100K9XDW92014MULTI-TWO6,040,4122,920  868  48.0NX9G K9XD N4LR KC9MSH KB9LML AC9FC
336 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m

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