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1KB8O2016M-TWO3,914,1602,18070535.5KB8O AB8M N8USK[Cert]
2KU1T/82012SO HP ALL3,229,8241,72964730.0 [Cert]
3N8BJQ2013SO HP ALL2,979,4051,51071530.0 [Cert]
4KU1T/82014SO HP ALL2,871,5411,55361927.0 [Cert]
5KB8O2015M-ONE HP2,713,0381,57363342.6KB8O AB8M[Cert]
6N8BJQ2011SO HP ALL2,506,1191,34762729.9 [Cert]
7N8BJQ2012SO HP ALL2,268,1251,36062529.6 [Cert]
8N8BJQ2010SO HP ALL2,255,7801,23061029.8 [Cert]
9N8BJQ2014SO HP ALL2,138,2741,23963328.6 [Cert]
10KU1T/82011SO HP ALL1,981,6341,19752925.2 [Cert]
11N8BJQ2006M-ONE HP1,869,3501,197545N8BJQ N9AG[Cert]
12WA8KHP2015SO HP ALL1,832,7871,19056129.4 [Cert]
13KK8U2015SO HP ALL1,442,9191,04953717.8K8MM[Cert]
14N8BJQ2007SO HP ALL1,400,7001,110483 [Cert]
15K8AA1999M-TWO1,336,9951,334407K8AA KG8CO KI8GM NU8...[Cert]
16W8UL2013SO HP ALL (T)1,265,02598050527.7 [Cert]
17K8AJS2013SO LP ALL1,256,60097251529.9 [Cert]
18AA8R2014SO LP ALL1,218,9541,03350627.1 [Cert]
19W8EI2011SO HP ALL1,208,13093046229.7 [Cert]
20W8JWN2012SO HP ALL1,183,8881,10748829.7 [Cert]
21K8AJS2010SO LP ALL1,035,12081345630.0 [Cert]
22WG8Y2007SO HP 20M1,026,378888498 [Cert]
23NI8G2014SO HP ALL1,013,40087345029.9KE8M[Cert]
24N8KM2005SO HP ALL950,223923383 [Cert]
25W8JWN2011SO HP ALL889,24090344028.8 [Cert]
26N8BJQ2003SO HP ALL888,355898395 [Cert]
27WG8Y 2008SO HP 20M886,332858466 [Cert]
28NC8C2013SO HP ALL873,37273043816.1ND8L[Cert]
29W8OTR2013SO HP ALL839,52076447725.4 [Cert]
30K8UT2012SO HP ALL833,70079739723.8 [Cert]
31W8JWN2015SO HP 15M817,85876847821.8 [Cert]
32N8TDL2008SO HP ALL800,800826400 [Cert]
33KE8M2013SO HP ALL770,57771439729.5 [Cert]
34ND8L2011SO HP ALL764,42170040920.8 [Cert]
35AA8R2012SO HP ALL (T)759,11682240420.3 [Cert]
36K8AJS2016SO LP ALL746,02868141421.7 [Cert]
37WB8CQV2013SO HP ALL727,81577340121.7 [Cert]
38WG8Y2006SO HP 20M726,204701438 [Cert]
39AA8R2015SO HP ALL724,12868439713.5 [Cert]
40KE8M2015SO QRP ALL669,38363940329.7 [Cert]
41KE8M2012SO HP ALL668,04366537326.1 [Cert]
42K3GP/82012SO HP ALL615,52465736421.2 [Cert]
43WA8RPK2010SO HP ALL601,15263540420.1 [Cert]
44N8TDL2006SO HP ALL595,799691347 [Cert]
45ND8L2016SO HP ALL592,86455038210.6 [Cert]
46WT8C2004SO HP ALL570,500777326 [Cert]
47W8JWN2016SO HP 15M563,44860940820.6 [Cert]
48W8JGU2000SO HP ALL553,068659324 [Cert]
49K8AJS2004SO HP ALL542,430786315 [Cert]
50KK8MM2010SO LP ALL492,00055432829.7 [Cert]
51K8AJS2008SO HP ALL491,519591343 [Cert]
52KB8O2013SO LP ALL486,90368432723.1 [Cert]
53W8UL2005SO LP ALL480,168655312 [Cert]
54WG8Y2005SO HP 15M479,727549353 [Cert]
55W8UL2016SO HP ALL479,42450235218.0 [Cert]
56KB8O2014SO LP ALL478,36869635222.0 [Cert]
57N8LRG2016SO HP ALL (T)464,64554133516.0 [Cert]
58WB8YJF1999SO LP ALL463,230670297 [Cert]
59WB8JUI2010SO LP ALL462,16862429425.6 [Cert]
60KE8M2016SO QRP ALL461,67850034324.9 [Cert]
61AA8LL2010SO HP ALL456,06042833014.5 [Cert]
62WB8YJF2000SO LP ALL455,280 280 [Cert]
63WA8RPK2001SO HP ALL453,300630300 [Cert]
64WT8C2011SO HP ALL443,71648529917.8 [Cert]
65K8RS2002SO LP ALL441,600574300 [Cert]
66AJ1M/82010SO HP ALL439,68050532016.4 [Cert]
67W8UL2002SO LP ALL433,292556298 [Cert]
68WB8JUI2013SO LP ALL415,38054232222.8 [Cert]
69K8ZZ2008SO HP ALL414,594654279 [Cert]
70WA8RPK2011SO HP 20M (T)414,23255336423.6 [Cert]
71K8AJS2015SO LP ALL411,84346732117.0 [Cert]
72N8CWU2016SO LP ALL (T)410,80057931625.8 [Cert]
73K8SM2012SO LP 40M (T)407,82445828420.8 [Cert]
74WV8BD2012SO HP ALL406,58051629023.1W8AKS[Cert]
75W8KX1999SO HP ALL405,834562286 [Cert]
76W8BI2015M-ONE HP405,80748032715.3KF8MZ K8GIB KB8UEY[Cert]
77K8ZZ2009SO LP ALL403,65665627830.0 [Cert]
78W9KB/82009SO HP ALL390,51161927129.9 [Cert]
79K8VT2002SO LP ALL386,138604277 [Cert]
80AI8P2008SO HP ALL377,024533274 [Cert]
81WS6K/82013SO LP ALL372,36654130230.0 [Cert]
82N8RU2013SO HP ALL365,90446329711.7 [Cert]
83WB8JUI2015SO LP ALL355,45450230218.2 [Cert]
84W8KX2000SO HP ALL353,685514285 [Cert]
85W8UL2004SO LP ALL351,655602265 [Cert]
86K8UC1999M-ONE HP348,480580242K8UC K8LEM[Cert]
87K8VT2001SO LP ALL347,936574262 [Cert]
88K8RS2000SO LP ALL347,422526271 [Cert]
89K8UT2009SO HP ALL346,88449327423.8 [Cert]
90ND8L2012SO HP ALL327,95743729110.7 [Cert]
91WB8JUI2014SO LP ALL327,41450127720.0 [Cert]
92KF6A/82014SO HP ALL327,21648727218.1 [Cert]
93AB8BQ1998SO LP ALL326,228505244 [Cert]
94K8ZZ2007SO LP ALL322,126625266 [Cert]
95KB8UHN2011SO LP ALL320,63646928426.7 [Cert]
96W8KX2013SO HP ALL316,96038928014.4 [Cert]
97AB8XG2010SO LP ALL313,98645225822.6 [Cert]
98KD8FS1996SO LP ALL313,500580250 [Cert]
99K3GP/82011SO HP ALL313,31743027918.1 [Cert]
100K8SIA2014SO LP ALL305,07445028321.2 [Cert]
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(R) = Rookie overlay category
(T) = Tribander/Wires overlay category

Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.