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1VE6AO2012M-ONE HP2,012,5261,73248634.3VE6TC VA6DBA VE6FMH[Cert]
2VX6WQ2010SO LP 20M1,087,78896949423.6VE6WQ[Cert]
3VA6ZZZ2015SO HP 15M829,87274145928.1 [Cert]
4VE6YR2002SO LP ALL796,610832370 [Cert]
5VE6AGJ1999SO HP ALL760,771846341 [Cert]
6VA6ZZZ2010SO HP ALL720,62186831921.7 [Cert]
7VE6AMI2016SO LP ALL711,31273334825.3 [Cert]
8VE6AMI2015SO HP ALL700,59067136321.5 [Cert]
9VE6AO2009M-TWO669,30084327617.3VE6TC VA6APB VA6KEM [Cert]
10VE6YR2003SO HP ALL616,824760312 [Cert]
11VE6RAJ2002SO LP ALL594,660696318 [Cert]
12VE7CF2002SO HP ALL581,258671326 [Cert]
13VE6BBP2016SO HP ALL563,73066934521.3 [Cert]
14VE6YR2006SO HP ALL524,790647306 [Cert]
15VE6BMX2013SO HP ALL (T)512,24060133717.2 [Cert]
16VA6MM2002SO HP ALL487,872606308 [Cert]
17VE6RAJ2001SO LP ALL474,040655280 [Cert]
18VE6SQ2012SO LP ALL (T)464,40064227029.7 [Cert]
19VE6SQ2013SO LP ALL (T)460,37764828926.2 [Cert]
20VA6MM2001SO LP ALL455,114669274 [Cert]
21VX6AO2010SO HP ALL427,5586343138.6VE6TC[Cert]
22VE6QO2014SO LP ALL424,41068125829.8 [Cert]
23VE6JY1998SO HP 20M418,700568316 [Cert]
24VE6RAJ1999SO LP ALL352,138644245 [Cert]
25VE6AO2007M-ONE HP348,462626239VE6TC VE2QIP VA6APB[Cert]
26CG6RAJ2000SO LP ALL345,073570233 [Cert]
27VE6YR2005SO HP ALL304,714504251 [Cert]
28VE6RAJ1998SO LP ALL290,088538216 [Cert]
29VE6SQ2011SO LP ALL (T)270,51242521221.1 [Cert]
30VE6JY1999SO HP 15M265,034495259 [Cert]
31VE6JY1996SO HP 20M261,522452261 [Cert]
32VE6JO1998SO HP ALL251,845511209 [Cert]
33VE6AO2008M-ONE HP242,178435223 [Cert]
34VE6CKG2000SO LP ALL241,186448209 [Cert]
35VE6AX2014SO LP ALL227,03240023612.7 [Cert]
36VE6KAD2013SO LP ALL217,74239920627.0 [Cert]
37VE6YR2009SO HP ALL216,35442321416.2 [Cert]
38VE6SQ2014SO LP ALL (T)211,36445621219.5 [Cert]
39VA6MM2003SO LP ALL208,488437204 [Cert]
40VE6YR2001SO HP ALL203,412402201 [Cert]
41VE6BMX2014SO HP 15M196,11238923812.5 [Cert]
42VE6KRR1997SO LP ALL194,810456161 [Cert]
43VE6AMI2014SO LP ALL (T)193,93034320521.4 [Cert]
44VE6AO2013SO HP ALL191,6004282007.4VE6TC[Cert]
45VA6RAR2007SO LP ALL186,225349191 [Cert]
46VE6JY1995SO HP ALL184,450438175 [Cert]
47VE6BMX2012SO LP 10M183,24844120814.4 [Cert]
48VE6AX2015SO LP ALL180,41133821312.2 [Cert]
49VE6AO2011M-ONE HP179,4963922165.2VE6TC VE6CCL[Cert]
50VE6RAJ1997M-ONE HP175,797407153 [Cert]
51VA6AK2016SO LP 15M (T)167,55233622416.3 [Cert]
52VE6AX2016SO LP ALL167,22834219417.1 [Cert]
53VE6RRD2011SO HP ALL159,51036119516.6 [Cert]
54VE6AMI2013SO LP ALL (T)150,69926319122.6 [Cert]
55VE6AX2013SO LP ALL148,66531118712.9 [Cert]
56CJ6V1995SO LP ALL140,608379169VE6JAV[Cert]
57VE6KRR1996SO LP ALL128,438323149 [Cert]
58VE6TN2002SO LP ALL122,220278180 [Cert]
59VA6RA2002SO LP ALL120,736291176 [Cert]
60CF6FR1996SO LP ALL116,229306159VE6FR[Cert]
61VE6RRD2005SO LP ALL105,570304153 [Cert]
62VE6JY2003SO HP 40M105,560185130 [Cert]
63VE6ZX1996SO LP ALL104,407278131 [Cert]
64VE6DJT2010SO LP ALL104,25024615019.2 [Cert]
65VE6YR2008SO HP ALL103,684231161 [Cert]
66VA6XDX2007SO LP ALL96,000223150 [Cert]
67VE6QO2016SO LP ALL91,65024014112.2 [Cert]
68VA6XDX2008SO LP ALL86,722205131 [Cert]
69VE6AX2005SO LP ALL83,580224140 [Cert]
70VE6CKG1999SO LP ALL83,390227154 [Cert]
71VE6RRD1999SO LP ALL67,390228115 [Cert]
72VC6FR1998SO LP ALL64,800217120 [Cert]
73VE6RRD2004SO LP ALL59,225221115 [Cert]
74VE6RRD2003SO HP ALL56,730211122 [Cert]
75VE6LB2015SO LP ALL56,16816913613.2 [Cert]
76VE6MO2010SO LP ALL56,07019412614.9 [Cert]
77VA6MM2011SO LP ALL54,62118811919.4 [Cert]
78VE6AX2006SO LP ALL54,500187109 [Cert]
79VE6FU1999SO HP 15M54,229202127 [Cert]
80VE6ZX1995SO LP ALL54,216222108 [Cert]
81VE6SPS2016SO LP ALL51,63519811515.3 [Cert]
82VE6AO2016SO HP ALL46,8721681243.4VE6TC[Cert]
83VE6SPS2015SO LP ALL45,48016412011.1 [Cert]
84VE6SQ2015SO LP ALL (T)43,4391471217.2 [Cert]
85VE6JY1997SO HP 20M40,404166111 [Cert]
86VA6RA2001SO LP ALL40,40419291 [Cert]
87VE6JY2001SO HP 15M39,312146108 [Cert]
88VE6QO2015SO QRP ALL39,0911529712.6 [Cert]
89VA6MM2013SO HP ALL37,8001601209.8 [Cert]
90VE6FN2006SO HP ALL35,34413794 [Cert]
91VX6LB2002SO LP ALL34,240131107 [Cert]
92VE6MO2006SO LP ALL33,55313989 [Cert]
93VE6MO2009SO LP ALL33,5281468815.0 [Cert]
94VE6RRD2000SO LP ALL32,93616192 [Cert]
95VE6DDD2016SO LP ALL (T)31,488105967.4 [Cert]
96VA6MM2008SO LP ALL27,93612196 [Cert]
97VE6CMV2012SO HP ALL23,250124933.9 [Cert]
98VE6EPK2008SO LP ALL22,09210184 [Cert]
99VE6SZS2006SO LP ALL19,68310981 [Cert]
100VE6SPS2014SO LP ALL18,250105738.9 [Cert]
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(R) = Rookie overlay category
(T) = Tribander/Wires overlay category

Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.