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1RY6Y2015M-ONE HP6,275,7002,46785547.9RU6YJ RW6ALB RY7Y RA...[Cert]
2R7DA2015M-ONE HP4,281,9421,82975833.7R7AB R7DA[Cert]
3RM6A2000M-MULTI3,254,9402,239535RN6BN RA6CM RA6CO RN...[Cert]
4UA6CE2016SO HP ALL2,798,5231,47066329.9 [Cert]
5RM6A1998M-MULTI2,674,0561,890462RN6BN RA6CM RA6CO RA...[Cert]
6RA7A2013SO HP ALL2,521,4401,37261829.3 [Cert]
7RW6CR2015SO HP ALL2,418,1741,13064930.0 [Cert]
8RW6AWT1999M-TWO2,356,8011,826449RN6BN RA6CO RA6AX RA...[Cert]
9UD6A2015M-ONE HP2,196,6001,47160033.4R6AS R7AL R7CQ[Cert]
10R7CD2016SO HP 40M2,176,35694054629.6 [Cert]
11R6DX2012SO HP ALL2,120,1581,23955430.0 [Cert]
12R7AB2016SO HP 15M2,095,4441,24868329.6 [Cert]
13UA6CE2011SO HP ALL1,954,9941,03554225.2 [Cert]
14R7MM2013SO LP ALL1,864,0801,14054030.0 [Cert]
15RW6CR2016SO HP ALL1,851,0001,12660038.5 [Cert]
16UC6A2014SO LP ALL1,760,5981,15953429.9 [Cert]
17RA6CM2004SO HP ALL1,748,4481,283467 [Cert]
18R7MM2016SO LP ALL1,732,2281,17354829.9 [Cert]
19UC7A2013SO HP ALL (T)1,731,8071,14353929.9 [Cert]
20UC6A2016SO LP ALL1,725,2681,11955629.9 [Cert]
21UA6CE2009SO HP ALL1,708,3641,16951830.0 [Cert]
22UC6A2015SO LP ALL1,684,9291,09354330.0 [Cert]
23R7MM2015SO LP ALL1,655,4981,12653330.0 [Cert]
24RV6YZ/62005SO HP ALL1,645,2801,1564554N1NM[Cert]
25RN6MA2015SO HP ALL1,614,0681,10055630.0 [Cert]
26R7LV2013SO HP 15M1,590,6001,09560026.1 [Cert]
27UA6CE2013SO HP ALL1,567,45699548824.6 [Cert]
28R7MM2012SO LP ALL1,525,0761,06550230.0 [Cert]
29RN6MA2013SO LP ALL (T)1,500,1981,01448328.4 [Cert]
30RA6GW2016SO HP 40M1,499,61675049228.4 [Cert]
31RW6CR2013SO HP ALL1,450,63594748530.0 [Cert]
32RT7N2016SO LP ALL (T)1,421,8921,03750830.3 [Cert]
33RW6CR2011SO HP ALL1,392,18393848930.0 [Cert]
34RW6CR2012SO HP ALL1,389,37595647530.0 [Cert]
35UC6A2011SO LP ALL1,371,70896646828.9 [Cert]
36RQ7R2016SO LP ALL1,297,89095950630.7 [Cert]
37UC7F2011SO LP ALL1,295,2721,05345129.2 [Cert]
38UA6CE2008SO LP ALL1,251,162931426 [Cert]
39RU6DZ2007SO HP ALL1,244,867961403 [Cert]
40R6DX2011SO HP ALL1,243,38590448130.0 [Cert]
41UC6A2012SO LP ALL1,238,84192045929.8 [Cert]
42RW6CR2014SO HP ALL1,235,51992448730.0 [Cert]
43RZ6BU2010SO LP ALL1,219,04495345229.9 [Cert]
44UA6BQ2010SO HP ALL1,162,32085743530.0 [Cert]
45UA6CE2007SO LP ALL1,156,316924427 [Cert]
46RW6CR2008SO HP ALL1,122,312904404 [Cert]
47RN6MA2011SO LP ALL1,078,75682241330.0 [Cert]
48RW6CR2007SO HP ALL1,074,944883416 [Cert]
49RW6CF2010SO HP 40M1,074,85260640928.4 [Cert]
50RZ3EC2007SO HP ALL1,032,000823400 [Cert]
51RO7M2012SO LP ALL987,07286142429.4 [Cert]
52RN6BN2002SO HP 10M979,278882454 [Cert]
53RW6AH2009SO LP ALL976,72686039430.0 [Cert]
54RN6L2016SO HP ALL973,56088345620.9 [Cert]
55RW6AWT1996M-MULTI958,956967314RN6BN UA6NP RA6AX RW...[Cert]
56RW6AWT1997M-MULTI958,956967314RN6BN UA6NP RA6AX RW...[Cert]
57UC7A2011SO HP 40M956,48057739228.6 [Cert]
58RW6ATJ2008SO HP 40M947,760622359 [Cert]
59RK6CK2009SO LP ALL947,35988641926.6 [Cert]
60RU6LWZ1998M-ONE HP894,3451,000327UT6IZ RX6LPE RV6LOA ...[Cert]
61RW6CR2009SO HP ALL885,06974838730.0 [Cert]
62RV6FG2008SO HP ALL860,984802383 [Cert]
63RW6CR2006SO HP ALL860,090801385 [Cert]
64RX6LD2009SO LP ALL842,10779741329.7 [Cert]
65RO7M2011SO LP ALL827,29672341229.8 [Cert]
66RW6BN2009SO HP ALL814,00074640030.0 [Cert]
67RK6AWJ1999M-MULTI755,313900321UA6AF UA6AN UA6AHF[Cert]
68RA7A2015SO HP ALL718,49167241717.0 [Cert]
69RZ6MX2015SO HP 15M717,77967446726.6 [Cert]
70RK6YZZ2006M-ONE HP713,468696332RW6HJV RV6YT RU6YJ[Cert]
71RC7A2015SO LP ALL710,12070541028.6 [Cert]
72RU6LA2006SO HP 40M708,480500320 [Cert]
73RA6AZ2001SO HP 40M696,890513307 [Cert]
74RN6BN2001SO HP 10M696,344759386 [Cert]
75UA6CE2015SO HP 15M689,85562949121.0 [Cert]
76RA6DE2012SO HP 20M683,99169444125.3 [Cert]
77RA6XV2008SO HP ALL666,998691334 [Cert]
78RZ6LG2006SO LP ALL666,936634354 [Cert]
79UA6LJB2016SO HP 15M (T)664,38465144822.6 [Cert]
80RV6BC2005SO HP ALL655,672705328 [Cert]
81RX6LD2006SO LP ALL655,521640353 [Cert]
82RW6HP2008SO LP ALL638,232653348 [Cert]
83RX6LD2007SO LP ALL634,948678362 [Cert]
84RW6CF2009SO HP 40M620,05247932630.0 [Cert]
85RA6DE2006SO HP 20M608,300702385 [Cert]
86RV6LCI2011SO LP 40M607,33245932127.9 [Cert]
87UA6LJB2014SO HP 15M (T)607,33263342824.8 [Cert]
88UA6LJB2015SO HP 15M (T)592,08860543622.3 [Cert]
89UA6CE2010SO HP 15M592,07466238123.4 [Cert]
90RA6DB2005SO HP 20M590,891700389 [Cert]
91UA6GF2013SO LP ALL584,50060535026.5 [Cert]
92RV6ALI2012SO LP 20M568,26066041028.5 [Cert]
93RA6XE2009SO LP ALL565,29060433030.0 [Cert]
94UA6ECU2005SO LP ALL563,972600277 [Cert]
95RK6BZ2002SO HP 40M560,560451280 [Cert]
96UC7A2014SO HP 15M550,39559140523.6 [Cert]
97RW6AH2006SO LP ALL533,508592276 [Cert]
98RZ6BU2009SO LP ALL511,75552331326.4 [Cert]
99RN6MA2012SO LP ALL497,95264734217.9 [Cert]
100RN6MA2010SO LP ALL496,77453432317.6 [Cert]
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(R) = Rookie overlay category
(T) = Tribander/Wires overlay category

Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.