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1RZ1AWT2009M-ONE HP4,763,5202,05972044.2RK1AM UA1AKC [Cert]
2RU1A2006M-ONE HP3,951,3601,874640RK1AM UA1AKC[Cert]
3UA1AKC2005SO HP ALL2,688,5601,425560 [Cert]
4RU1AB2016SO HP ALL1,700,7651,06353530.1 [Cert]
5RA1ACJ2003SO HP 40M1,430,900743410 [Cert]
6RX1CQ2015SO QRP ALL1,360,73098549029.2 [Cert]
7UA1AFZ2015SO HP ALL1,277,40699147729.7 [Cert]
8RA1ALC2016SO LP ALL1,204,21894244926.6 [Cert]
9RX1CQ2013SO LP ALL1,194,63690645230.0 [Cert]
10RA1ALC2015SO HP ALL1,147,44987745325.1 [Cert]
11UA1AKC2003SO HP 15M1,130,124948492 [Cert]
12RA1ALC2014SO HP ALL1,105,51587143126.7 [Cert]
13RX1CQ2016SO QRP ALL1,066,45688143629.6 [Cert]
14RA1ACJ2002SO HP 15M1,036,917929453 [Cert]
15RX1CQ2012SO QRP ALL1,010,24076444025.8 [Cert]
16RU1AB2013SO LP ALL979,37474341830.0 [Cert]
17RA1ALC2013SO LP ALL868,23971939723.0 [Cert]
18RX1CQ2014SO QRP ALL858,03272237624.4 [Cert]
19RO1B2012SO LP ALL (T)847,01276342829.9 [Cert]
20RZ1ZZ2013SO LP 20M783,52272747429.0 [Cert]
21UA1AKC2004SO HP 20M756,704795416 [Cert]
22RV1CC2006SO HP ALL732,305647343 [Cert]
23RZ1AZ2001SO HP ALL719,712786336 [Cert]
24R8XF2012SO LP ALL713,06476140725.5 [Cert]
25UA1AKC2002SO HP 10M708,210725387 [Cert]
26RA1ALC2012SO LP ALL682,88967938325.4 [Cert]
27RV1CC2016SO HP ALL659,37360637720.7 [Cert]
28RZ1ZZ2014SO LP 20M623,84769942730.0 [Cert]
29RA1ACJ2000SO LP ALL556,482690326 [Cert]
30RX1CQ2011SO QRP ALL548,74452732826.1 [Cert]
31RA1AW2008SO HP 20M511,500643372 [Cert]
32RZ1ZZ2012SO LP 20M500,46059738026.2 [Cert]
33RA1ACJ2004SO HP 15M481,289565347 [Cert]
34RZ1AZ2013SO HP ALL442,26049431525.2 [Cert]
35RV1CC2013SO HP ALL437,14346431715.2 [Cert]
36RO1B2013SO HP 20M (T)398,31050735527.2 [Cert]
37RD1AW2010SO LP ALL396,41647530418.9 [Cert]
38RZ1AZ2000SO HP ALL394,128555276 [Cert]
39RZ1AZ2011SO HP ALL384,81343429927.3 [Cert]
40UA9KG/12003SO LP ALL371,850453222 [Cert]
41RX1CV2016SO LP ALL327,70047129028.1 [Cert]
42RZ1OM2008SO LP ALL316,443467313 [Cert]
43RD1AW2009SO LP ALL312,70839325325.0 [Cert]
44RK1OWZ1999M-ONE HP290,895465215RA1OJ UA1OZ UA1OSS U...[Cert]
45RO1B2014SO HP ALL287,37038127919.0 [Cert]
46RN1ON2016SO HP ALL (T)268,11040927011.2 [Cert]
47RW1QN2005SO LP ALL248,234399238 [Cert]
48RZ1AZ2003SO LP ALL241,875380225 [Cert]
49RX1CQ2006SO LP ALL238,917352217 [Cert]
50UA1AFZ2006SO HP 40M235,480296203 [Cert]
51RA1AW2000SO LP ALL234,360406248 [Cert]
52UA1NFA2009SO HP ALL224,40635023410.0 [Cert]
53RX1AX2003SO LP ALL222,000351222 [Cert]
54R11ALS2014SO HP 10M (T)203,72838221417.5UA3RF[Cert]
55UA1NFA2008SO HP 20M198,288371243 [Cert]
56RN1NU2009SO HP ALL191,6483592268.0 [Cert]
57RA1WZ2007SO LP ALL190,240302205 [Cert]
58RA1ALC2011SO LP ALL (T)183,15029822217.0 [Cert]
59RD1AR2013SO HP ALL174,62427021415.7 [Cert]
60RA1AY2004SO LP ALL171,226292181 [Cert]
61RA1TV2013SO LP ALL170,77927421720.9 [Cert]
62UA1NFA2010SO HP ALL164,6453142218.6 [Cert]
63RO1B2015SO HP 15M150,92028722014.2 [Cert]
64RV1CC2015SO HP ALL (T)147,07224919210.4 [Cert]
65UA1AFZ2005SO HP 40M136,512225158 [Cert]
66RO1B2011SO LP ALL132,30024318016.5 [Cert]
67RU1AB2015SO HP ALL130,49223520213.1 [Cert]
68RA1QFU2016SO LP 20M125,40027622011.0 [Cert]
69RU1AB2011SO HP ALL123,95023618512.6 [Cert]
70RX1CQ2010SO LP 15M121,39727119324.9 [Cert]
71UA1WBV2003SO LP ALL121,346258166 [Cert]
72RA1AW1999SO HP 20M118,289317193 [Cert]
73UA1OMS2006SO LP ALL117,480235165 [Cert]
74RV1CC2012SO HP ALL (T)113,3992141697.9 [Cert]
75UA1CEC2006SO LP ALL113,059244167 [Cert]
76RU1AB2012SO HP ALL109,98323618317.1 [Cert]
77RZ1AZ2004SO LP ALL107,512235151 [Cert]
78RV1CC2011SO HP ALL (T)106,12421017212.6 [Cert]
79RV1CC2001SO HP ALL99,060198156 [Cert]
80UA1AFZ2004SO LP ALL96,930219135 [Cert]
82RN1ON2015SO HP ALL (T)71,9181911549.5 [Cert]
83UA1NFA2007SO HP 20M69,642203159 [Cert]
84RA1ACY2006SO LP ALL67,560168120 [Cert]
85UA1AFZ2003SO LP ALL63,488176124 [Cert]
86UB1AGD2014SO QRP ALL62,44416413417.6 [Cert]
87UA1OMS2016SO HP 80M62,3041381184.7 [Cert]
88RK1NA2016SO LP ALL62,16919215921.6 [Cert]
89UA2FFX/12011SO LP 15M61,75818114118.5 [Cert]
90RA1AR2010SO LP ALL60,65613613610.2 [Cert]
91RA1QX2005SO LP ALL59,532157123 [Cert]
92UA1OMS2013SO HP 80M56,1441291164.5 [Cert]
93RZ1AWF2007SO HP ALL55,842143123RU6MM[Cert]
94RV1CC2010SO HP ALL55,2301261053.4 [Cert]
95RA1L2016SO LP 15M53,36016014523.9 [Cert]
96RW1QN2002SO LP ALL50,518163134 [Cert]
97RV1CC2009SO HP ALL49,8481451248.2 [Cert]
98UA2FFX/12010SO LP 15M46,86315512324.8 [Cert]
99RV1CC2002SO LP ALL46,330137113 [Cert]
100UA1ODM2015SO LP 20M44,01015613514.8 [Cert]
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(R) = Rookie overlay category
(T) = Tribander/Wires overlay category

Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.