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1JA7IC2013SO HP ALL1,807,8501,05755024.4 [Cert]
2JA7BME2016SO HP ALL1,597,86493952727.7 [Cert]
3JA7IC2015SO HP ALL1,432,35994350127.4 [Cert]
4JA7IC2014SO HP ALL1,247,81686848821.8 [Cert]
5JA7BME2011SO HP ALL1,221,65082846129.3 [Cert]
6JA7IC2005SO HP ALL1,175,288877428 [Cert]
7JA7IC2010SO HP ALL1,146,68881943721.1 [Cert]
8JA7IC2011SO HP ALL1,035,90280942726.0 [Cert]
9JA7BME2014SO HP ALL984,23871443919.9 [Cert]
10JH7QXJ2010SO HP ALL948,79075639521.8 [Cert]
11JA7IC2012SO HP ALL925,75472843319.3 [Cert]
12JA7IC2004SO HP ALL760,122717349 [Cert]
13JH7QXJ2009SO HP ALL681,26466133221.3 [Cert]
14JA7IC2007SO HP ALL666,934621347 [Cert]
15JH7XGN 2008SO HP 20M624,216624372 [Cert]
16JA7COI2009SO HP ALL616,20065831225.6 [Cert]
17JA7BME2013SO HP 40M571,52440529115.4 [Cert]
18JA7IC2009SO HP ALL520,85855129918.0 [Cert]
19JA7COI2013SO HP ALL (T)499,60848632421.0 [Cert]
20JA7QVI2015SO HP 10M493,14148935317.2 [Cert]
21JA7EMH2007SO LP ALL461,335544269 [Cert]
22JA7BME2012SO HP ALL433,44046230118.8 [Cert]
23JA7IC2003SO HP ALL429,807505291 [Cert]
24JA7BME2015SO HP ALL404,74041829513.1 [Cert]
25JA7BME2010SO LP ALL386,88841527417.7 [Cert]
26JE7HYK2014SO LP ALL359,21646028624.9 [Cert]
27JH7QXJ2011SO HP ALL356,09642125614.8 [Cert]
28JA7IC2016SO HP ALL352,18643529311.0 [Cert]
29JO7KMB2015SO HP ALL (T)332,30440227617.5 [Cert]
30JH7QXJ2008SO LP ALL302,808399222 [Cert]
31JA7CVL2016SO HP ALL287,78237625426.4 [Cert]
32JA7IC2001SO HP ALL273,312385234 [Cert]
33JA7COI2008SO HP ALL272,493424221 [Cert]
34JH7RTQ2015SO LP 10M259,20436027418.6 [Cert]
35JH7RTQ2013SO LP 15M244,26935324912.3 [Cert]
36JA7COI2010SO HP ALL241,3323442388.6 [Cert]
37JA7LMZ2013SO LP ALL240,81634523217.2 [Cert]
38JA7ZP2008SO HP ALL234,320311202 [Cert]
39JO7KMB2016SO HP 15M (T)231,42032426616.5 [Cert]
40JA7EMH2002SO HP 10M230,824341244 [Cert]
41JA7QVI2016SO HP 15M223,0063282389.2 [Cert]
42JO7KMB2014SO HP ALL (T)222,15935221314.8 [Cert]
43JE7HYK2013SO LP ALL (T)218,32233623418.0 [Cert]
44JH7RTQ2010SO LP 15M214,26632524618.9 [Cert]
45JH7IQQ2015SO LP ALL210,63230923322.8 [Cert]
46JE7HYK2015SO LP 10M206,50030325015.3 [Cert]
47JG7PSJ2016SO HP ALL195,84021419211.1 [Cert]
48JA0VTK/72013SO LP ALL181,76430319824.3 [Cert]
49JA7EPO2016SO HP ALL180,15828520921.7 [Cert]
50JR7IWL2013SO HP 40M178,11223417622.4 [Cert]
51JH7IQQ2016SO LP ALL177,40628021425.2 [Cert]
52JA7BME2008SO HP ALL171,661279179 [Cert]
53JH7XGN2015SO HP ALL159,7942612187.9 [Cert]
54JA7LMZ2005SO LP ALL158,658300186 [Cert]
55JR7IWL2014SO HP 10M158,45727422113.1 [Cert]
56JA0VTK/72014SO LP ALL154,51229817426.4 [Cert]
57JH7RTQ2016SO LP 15M148,51226720810.4 [Cert]
58JH7QXJ2013SO HP ALL145,0242591767.1 [Cert]
59JA7ZP2009SO HP ALL143,37026217714.4 [Cert]
60JA7NX2015SO HP ALL136,32323418712.8 [Cert]
61JA7ZP2010SO HP ALL126,87525117514.3 [Cert]
62JA7ZP2013SO HP ALL126,16824316810.9 [Cert]
63JA7DNO2003SO LP ALL125,630260170 [Cert]
64JA7ZP2011SO HP ALL124,08123116712.3 [Cert]
65JA7GYP2015SO HP ALL123,5462221776.8 [Cert]
66JA7VEI2012SO HP ALL (T)116,40622317416.2 [Cert]
67JA7CVL2014SO HP ALL115,09021317017.2 [Cert]
68JR7IWL2012SO HP ALL111,89123015118.0 [Cert]
69JA7VEI2016SO HP ALL111,38420118210.4 [Cert]
70JA7LMZ2006SO LP ALL106,392259156 [Cert]
71JA7KM2004SO LP ALL94,316236146 [Cert]
72JH7UJU2013SO QRP ALL91,64019914522.6 [Cert]
73JA7GYP2014SO HP ALL89,4281861587.4 [Cert]
74JA7ZP2007SO HP ALL88,968204132 [Cert]
75JR7IWC2014SO LP 15M88,34619216313.7 [Cert]
76JA7CNS2015SO HP ALL (T)87,46820414815.6 [Cert]
77JA7ZP2016SO HP ALL (T)87,43519514510.7 [Cert]
78JH7QXJ2000SO HP 15M86,702200154 [Cert]
79JA7GYP2012SO HP ALL81,4001731489.3 [Cert]
80JA7COI2011SO HP 20M74,85018715014.4 [Cert]
81JA7ZP2012SO HP ALL72,8641791389.5 [Cert]
82JH7QXJ1996SO HP ALL69,596186127 [Cert]
83JA7BME2009SO HP ALL68,01915312310.4 [Cert]
84JA7VEI2011SO HP ALL (T)66,82514613510.6 [Cert]
85JH7XGN2012SO HP 10M55,5521781289.7 [Cert]
86JA7LLL2013SO LP 20M53,99216113614.1 [Cert]
87JH7RTQ2009SO LP 15M49,60917513321.8 [Cert]
88JH7QXJ1999SO HP 15M47,841151111 [Cert]
89JH7CUO2016SO HP 15M (T)45,49613412110.4 [Cert]
90JA7RQK2015SO LP 10M42,55013111511.6 [Cert]
91JA7MWC2016SO LP ALL41,16014210523.8 [Cert]
92JH7QXJ1995SO HP ALL40,88715299 [Cert]
93JA7CNS2014SO HP ALL39,8971379911.1 [Cert]
94JO7GVC2010SO LP 20M37,5061301149.9 [Cert]
95JL7IFR2005SO LP ALL35,90813294 [Cert]
96JA7BME2007SO HP ALL35,12612391 [Cert]
97JH7QXJ2016SO HP ALL33,368112973.7 [Cert]
98JA7ZP2006SO HP ALL33,23412087 [Cert]
99JL7IFR2004SO LP ALL32,06411996 [Cert]
100JA7LLL2016SO HP 20M31,6211191036.4 [Cert]
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(R) = Rookie overlay category
(T) = Tribander/Wires overlay category

Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.