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1JR4OZR2015SO HP ALL4,123,5151,56073729.8 [Cert]
2JR4OZR2016SO HP ALL3,934,1401,45671429.9 [Cert]
3JH4UTP2016M-TWO3,692,6401,57373532.1JH4UTP SKIMMER[Cert]
4JR4OZR2013SO HP ALL3,258,8441,40364129.9 [Cert]
6JR4OZR2014SO HP ALL2,887,7081,23565229.5 [Cert]
7JH4UYB2008SO HP ALL2,752,6731,327539 [Cert]
8JH4UYB2005SO HP ALL2,557,0041,331527 [Cert]
9JH4UTP2013M-ONE HP2,451,2381,18158627.5 [Cert]
10JH4UYB2003SO HP ALL2,415,4151,451505 [Cert]
11JH4UTP2015M-TWO2,247,6241,12963626.3JH4UTP SKIMMER[Cert]
12JH4UYB2013SO LP ALL2,225,2151,14255729.8 [Cert]
13JE4VVM2002M-TWO2,158,3201,505510JE4VVM JG4CLV JN4FEU[Cert]
14JH4UYB2010SO LP ALL1,911,6681,05650629.9 [Cert]
15JH4UYB2007SO HP ALL1,855,8251,125475 [Cert]
16JH4UYB2002SO HP ALL1,741,3971,181469 [Cert]
17JH4UTP2012SO HP ALL1,450,24697749726.3 [Cert]
18JH4UYB2004SO HP ALL1,431,6481,023432 [Cert]
19JH4UYB2011SO LP ALL1,289,63280242229.8 [Cert]
20JH4UTP2010SO HP ALL1,246,47685042624.8 [Cert]
21JH4UYB2009SO LP ALL1,232,47887341429.7 [Cert]
22JH4UYB2000SO HP ALL1,224,2541,065417 [Cert]
23JH4UTP2011SO HP ALL1,222,66183945125.6 [Cert]
24JH4UTP2009SO HP ALL788,52273637323.9 [Cert]
25JH4UTP2008SO HP ALL601,200541300 [Cert]
26JH4UTP2007SO HP ALL565,952567296 [Cert]
27JG4AKL2016SO HP ALL560,11256533625.8 [Cert]
28JG4CLV1998SO HP 20M348,660444296 [Cert]
29JO4CFV2013SO HP ALL333,21644426717.8 [Cert]
30JR4VEV2012SO LP ALL322,83443625425.1 [Cert]
31JH4BTI2010SO HP ALL311,05543826726.7 [Cert]
32JO4CFV2016SO HP ALL283,28737126717.1 [Cert]
33JR4GPA1999SO LP ALL247,648401218 [Cert]
34JO4CFV2012SO HP ALL (T)239,23239622420.0 [Cert]
35JH4BTI2009SO HP ALL236,72839523320.7 [Cert]
36JO4CTB2014SO HP 15M (T)230,28532826522.9 [Cert]
37JH4BTI2006SO HP ALL184,240341196 [Cert]
38JO4BOW2016SO HP ALL177,66029821015.2 [Cert]
39JN4FNZ2002SO HP ALL167,678294203 [Cert]
40JH4BTI2011SO HP ALL165,64030620220.8 [Cert]
41JE4MHL2015SO LP ALL (T)163,11627920719.5 [Cert]
42JI4UEN2016SO HP 40M156,94821117414.7 [Cert]
43JN4UUS2013SO LP 15M156,28527220715.9 [Cert]
44JH1GUO/42008SO LP ALL148,248293174 [Cert]
45JH4BTI2016SO HP ALL127,91724018311.5 [Cert]
46JN4UUS2012SO LP 15M120,01522918919.9 [Cert]
47JN4UUS2016SO LP 15M118,36522619515.0 [Cert]
48JH1GUO/42007SO LP ALL117,800274155 [Cert]
49JK4USW2015SO HP ALL115,99222016213.6 [Cert]
50JA4DWG2016SO LP 15M115,25522218514.4 [Cert]
51JO4CTB2013SO HP 15M (T)113,96722918929.5 [Cert]
52JH4UYB2012SO LP 10M103,41825016618.2 [Cert]
53JO4CFV2015SO HP ALL98,1722121628.5 [Cert]
54JH4BTI2012SO HP ALL96,00722116311.5 [Cert]
55JA4BXL2016SO LP ALL92,82418916414.0 [Cert]
56JR4VEV2015SO HP 10M88,06719416119.2 [Cert]
57JE4MHL2016SO LP ALL (T)83,08820414412.2 [Cert]
58JE4MHL2011SO LP ALL (T)80,19920213312.4 [Cert]
59JO4CTB2012SO HP 15M (R)78,21020115829.3 [Cert]
60JA4RWN2016SO LP ALL70,07016614312.2 [Cert]
61JO4CFV2010SO HP ALL67,8811851219.7 [Cert]
62JN4HTR2015SO LP ALL66,30619512910.2 [Cert]
63JR4VEV2013SO LP 40M66,08013911225.9 [Cert]
64JO4CFV2011SO HP ALL62,10018411510.7 [Cert]
65JR4GPA2013SO LP 20M (T)50,94414512811.7 [Cert]
66JH4UYB1995M-MULTI43,990157106JH4UYB JL4NCF[Cert]
67JR4DHK2014SO HP ALL (T)43,52413810811.0 [Cert]
68JR4GPA2015SO LP 15M (T)43,16413610915.1 [Cert]
69JJ4CDW2016SO LP 10M41,28513311510.5 [Cert]
70JR4VEV2014SO LP 10M41,24513711318.8 [Cert]
71JR4GPA2012SO LP 20M (T)37,46812811610.7 [Cert]
72JR4VEV2010SO LP 15M35,49013410528.5 [Cert]
73JA4MMO2016SO LP 15M34,66212310913.5 [Cert]
74JR4VEV2011SO LP 15M (T)34,33512910522.7 [Cert]
75JM4WUZ2013SO HP 40M33,440968013.7 [Cert]
76JR4CZM2015SO LP ALL31,920124957.3 [Cert]
77JE4MHL2012SO LP ALL (T)31,584123949.2 [Cert]
78JH4GLG2016SO LP ALL (T)30,7801139511.8 [Cert]
79JH4BTI2007SO LP ALL28,88414687 [Cert]
80JR4DHK2009SO LP ALL28,2691498110.1 [Cert]
81JA4FCC2013SO LP ALL24,9601058011.4 [Cert]
82JR4GPA2011SO LP 20M24,4591059310.1 [Cert]
83JO4CFV2014SO HP ALL24,026109824.2 [Cert]
84JH4BTI2014SO HP ALL23,83897875.6 [Cert]
85JA4EZP2006SO HP ALL23,23210188 [Cert]
86JR4DHK2010SO LP ALL21,830108748.6 [Cert]
87JH4BTI2015SO HP ALL21,70885815.2 [Cert]
88JA4EZP2005SO HP ALL21,3129474 [Cert]
89JR4EFA2013SO LP ALL20,17293826.9 [Cert]
90JA4RWN2015SO LP ALL19,42291787.1 [Cert]
91JO4EUP2015SO LP ALL (T)18,711887711.0 [Cert]
92JN4UUS2008SO LP ALL18,0818263 [Cert]
93JA4DWG2007SO LP ALL17,1008375 [Cert]
94JN4UUS2014SO LP 10M15,73280765.4 [Cert]
95JO4BOW2014SO LP ALL14,55272683.7 [Cert]
96JI4UEN/42010SO LP 40M13,97469516.8 [Cert]
97JA4FCC2015SO LP 10M13,80072696.3 [Cert]
98JA4OPW2014SO HP 10M12,67570656.2 [Cert]
99JH4GLG2015SO LP 15M11,97071637.0 [Cert]
100JI4JGD2010SO LP ALL11,770755511.4 [Cert]
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(R) = Rookie overlay category
(T) = Tribander/Wires overlay category

Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.