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1EE8E2015SO LP 15M2,553,0401,27367927.1EA8AH[Cert]
25C5W2014SO LP 15M2,475,5421,30164127.5CN8KD[Cert]
3EA8MT2013SO LP 15M1,829,3121,08556625.0 [Cert]
4EE7Y2016SO LP 15M1,807,4651,17364925.1EC7WA[Cert]
5YV1KK2016SO LP 15M1,734,79899359828.0 [Cert]
6ES5Q2016SO LP 15M1,482,22693262225.7ES5RY[Cert]
7Z36N2016SO LP 15M1,444,20098958029.5 [Cert]
8CT3KY2010SO LP 15M1,372,62495148413.6 [Cert]
9EA8DED2016SO LP 15M (T)1,351,87589151525.7 [Cert]
10N2WK2016SO LP 15M1,314,92088256824.3 [Cert]
11EE7Y2015SO LP 15M1,298,22099456222.8EC7WA[Cert]
12PY2SEX2011SO LP 15M1,264,30487649630.0 [Cert]
136W2SC2010SO LP 15M1,235,43388047116.2 [Cert]
14PU1MKZ2013SO LP 15M (R)1,108,72881247229.8 [Cert]
15EA1DR2013SO LP 15M1,070,86587447725.7 [Cert]
16YV1FM2010SO LP 15M1,037,84881843121.8 [Cert]
17UN6LN2016SO LP 15M1,017,67880147425.1 [Cert]
18UP7P2011SO LP 15M1,011,72284445822.7UN7PBY[Cert]
19PU1MKZ2015SO LP 15M953,63572844529.7 [Cert]
20EA7ISH2011SO LP 15M917,08882146624.0 [Cert]
21GM5M2015SO LP 15M899,17578747525.4GM4ZNC[Cert]
22EI3GC2012SO LP 15M887,09478144624.8 [Cert]
23PY1GQ2016SO LP 15M878,80770243728.9 [Cert]
24HG5D2013SO LP 15M868,97275344226.4HA8QZ[Cert]
25AE5AA2011SO LP 15M810,88877345223.3N5ZM[Cert]
26UP6P2010SO LP 15M797,40674838324.6 [Cert]
27RA9AU2015SO LP 15M793,22165042921.6 [Cert]
28IW9FDD2014SO LP 15M (T)791,04067948019.6 [Cert]
29Z36N2015SO LP 15M768,20070846028.2 [Cert]
30G8X2016SO LP 15M757,71266446426.9G4FJK[Cert]
31R9SN2016SO LP 15M749,07068441026.2 [Cert]
32J35X2015SO LP 15M (T)726,57467243322.6 [Cert]
33UN9GD2010SO LP 15M723,15168038919.3 [Cert]
34M7W2012SO LP 15M696,65468039919.1G3TBK[Cert]
35EC7ZK2014SO LP 15M693,46270941814.3 [Cert]
36EA1ACP2016SO LP 15M684,43263444122.4 [Cert]
37A61DJ2015SO LP 15M (R)661,83061439022.0 [Cert]
38EA7ISH2010SO LP 15M658,53068940523.2 [Cert]
39KH6ZM2015SO LP 15M655,94161536321.1 [Cert]
40RN0SS2010SO LP 15M652,63263338320.2 [Cert]
41CT1EEK2012SO LP 15M (T)635,09165841726.8 [Cert]
42JH6WHN2016SO LP 15M607,97553441524.2 [Cert]
43RV0AL2010SO LP 15M597,27663235314.9 [Cert]
44YV1JGT2011SO LP 15M588,27658935123.2 [Cert]
45DJ4MH2015SO LP 15M574,82055141027.2 [Cert]
464Z5CP2013SO LP 15M569,95154736718.5 [Cert]
47K7TQ2014SO LP 15M557,56879939625.2 [Cert]
485B/IK2LTR2014SO LP 15M547,36054635225.5IK2LTR[Cert]
49JR3RIY2013SO LP 15M545,66652137426.8 [Cert]
50BA2IA2014SO LP 15M539,35857637325.8 [Cert]
51W4LC2015SO LP 15M (T)536,84353439121.1 [Cert]
52W1ZD/72015SO LP 15M (T)525,78059841422.4 [Cert]
53N9TGR2015SO LP 15M (T)521,75254839224.1 [Cert]
54IZ5UFR2015SO LP 15M517,75955638925.8 [Cert]
55IT9CLN2015SO LP 15M514,11355241924.5 [Cert]
56XE3N2010SO LP 15M504,73864435124.4 [Cert]
57RU0ANW2010SO LP 15M504,61257532117.6 [Cert]
58W1ZD/72016SO LP 15M (T)503,13959539920.6 [Cert]
59IW9FDD2016SO LP 15M (T)498,51055238214.5 [Cert]
60UR2Y2016SO LP 15M492,09055734920.8US0YW 
61W1ZD/72014SO LP 15M (T)483,68861841222.1 [Cert]
62YW5T2013SO LP 15M481,62849933421.6YV5JBI[Cert]
63N2NF2016SO LP 15M468,49650735613.3 [Cert]
64JA0CGJ2016SO LP 15M467,60049235014.0 [Cert]
65YB1BML2016SO LP 15M462,88251032129.7 [Cert]
66UN6G2012SO LP 15M461,70051934222.8 [Cert]
67RW4WA2012SO LP 15M451,57254836321.2 [Cert]
68UA3QJJ2013SO LP 15M449,29055135823.2 [Cert]
69LU1DP2013SO LP 15M449,26447734429.5 [Cert]
70CT2IOV2014SO LP 15M447,84861435624.9 [Cert]
71YT9VM2016SO LP 15M (T)434,82650135724.3 [Cert]
72RU9AZ2013SO LP 15M427,05647832821.9 [Cert]
73UA9TZ2011SO LP 15M420,49751630115.3 [Cert]
74DO4DXA2013SO LP 15M420,13448933823.8 [Cert]
75RJ4I2016SO LP 15M413,09451536317.1RN4HFJ[Cert]
76LZ2JA2013SO LP 15M411,84052931217.5 [Cert]
77UN8P2015SO LP 15M401,55644032715.1 [Cert]
78JR3RIY2012SO LP 15M376,85244431317.4 [Cert]
79E72MM2016SO LP 15M369,51648231818.5 [Cert]
80UN8PA2016SO LP 15M359,70041730021.2 [Cert]
81RA9AU2014SO LP 15M357,09840732213.4 [Cert]
82GA5M2014SO LP 15M344,12447831622.4GM4ZNC[Cert]
83UA0C2013SO LP 15M336,05051727520.5 [Cert]
84YB8EL2012SO LP 15M335,35243426720.9 [Cert]
85OH7MN2012SO LP 15M333,90047930019.7 [Cert]
86UN3M2009SO LP 15M333,06446824812.2 [Cert]
87LZ2JA2016SO LP 15M332,40046930018.3 [Cert]
88UN7TDB2010SO LP 15M329,78444327322.9 [Cert]
89M0OXO2015SO LP 15M322,28744230915.2 [Cert]
90UN7CN2016SO LP 15M322,13739129119.6 [Cert]
91JS1IFK2015SO LP 15M321,00036132121.5 [Cert]
92UZ7HO2010SO LP 15M320,91046328523.2 [Cert]
93SQ2NNN2016SO LP 15M318,78040431526.1 [Cert]
94YO3JF2010SO LP 15M315,79245027216.7 [Cert]
95R5ACQ2015SO LP 15M (T)310,86045731417.6 [Cert]
96F4GDI2013SO LP 15M (T)310,33140330117.9 [Cert]
97LB2TG2016SO LP 15M309,11140532316.6 [Cert]
98SM3LBP2016SO LP 15M307,49039531719.6 [Cert]
99HA5BSW2013SO LP 15M (T)303,99640628214.9 [Cert]
100YL2QV2015SO LP 15M302,52838732626.8 [Cert]
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(R) = Rookie overlay category
(T) = Tribander/Wires overlay category

Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.