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1EE8W2011SO HP 80M2,597,00090350027.1EA8AH[Cert]
29A1CCY2010SO HP 80M2,486,3041,04053429.99A3NM[Cert]
3S50A2013SO HP 80M2,344,6501,00153929.6 [Cert]
4OL6X2009SO HP 80M2,344,0861,04052330.0OK1DIG [Cert]
59A1CCY2009SO HP 80M2,326,0321,03252230.09A3NM [Cert]
6S54E2009SO HP 80M2,294,1361,02551330.0 [Cert]
7S54E 2008SO HP 80M2,225,056985496 [Cert]
8OK3R 2008SO HP 80M2,151,016982497 [Cert]
9S52X2016SO HP 80M2,138,2401,00552029.1 [Cert]
10OL9A2013SO HP 80M2,097,04893252430.0OK2ZAW[Cert]
11HG3DX2009SO HP 80M2,031,16097349329.9HA3MY [Cert]
12I4AVG2010SO HP 80M2,007,88093849729.9 [Cert]
13I4AVG2009SO HP 80M2,003,28096449129.9 [Cert]
14I4AVG2011SO HP 80M1,973,00091050029.7 [Cert]
15SO4M2007SO HP 80M1,936,118924479SP4MPG[Cert]
16DM7C2013SO HP 80M1,920,00094550029.5DL8CX[Cert]
17CT3EE 2008SO HP 80M1,902,712746427 [Cert]
18S54E2007SO HP 80M1,889,966893463 [Cert]
199A2DQ2007SO HP 80M1,808,184899458 [Cert]
20EM0X2010SO HP 80M1,762,99288347730.0UT2XQ[Cert]
21EM0X2011SO HP 80M1,731,13287548629.5UT2XQ[Cert]
22IV3SKB 2008SO HP 80M1,718,528872448 [Cert]
23I4AVG2008SO HP 80M1,717,100873446 [Cert]
24OL7M2011SO HP 80M1,708,37286647827.6 [Cert]
25IK4MHB2008SO HP 80M1,655,908874439 [Cert]
26OL9A2015SO HP 80M1,626,78483546429.6 [Cert]
27IV3SKB2007SO HP 80M1,553,160830430 [Cert]
28S54E2005SO HP 80M1,545,740799427 [Cert]
29S52X2006SO HP 80M1,543,212814433 [Cert]
30DL4MCF2010SO HP 80M1,530,78085546529.9 [Cert]
31I4AVG2016SO HP 80M1,530,27282646429.7 [Cert]
32IQ4RA2012SO HP 80M1,488,88481044929.9I4AVG[Cert]
33I4AVG2007SO HP 80M1,480,836777427 [Cert]
34UT2IU 2008SO HP 80M1,394,608791404 [Cert]
35HG1G2011SO HP 80M1,390,53476943728.7 [Cert]
36SN2M2012SO HP 80M1,380,06278943129.9SP2XF[Cert]
37LY2FN2013SO HP 80M1,351,92075343028.5 [Cert]
38UX2X2009SO HP 80M1,316,01474742727.8UT2XQ [Cert]
39IZ0KBR2012SO HP 80M1,300,60476542228.9 [Cert]
40YU7W2007SO HP 80M1,278,396740399YZ7CQ[Cert]
41OY3JE2010SO HP 80M1,269,88474141830.0 [Cert]
42OL1RY2005SO HP 80M1,256,976761387OK1DF[Cert]
437X0RY 2008SO HP 80M1,248,750626333 [Cert]
44OL9A2014SO HP 80M1,246,96873041430.0OK2ZAW[Cert]
45IZ0KBR2010SO HP 80M1,239,84074841028.2 [Cert]
46HA3LI2013SO HP 80M (T)1,220,43674940627.8 [Cert]
47SQ2RGB2016SO HP 80M1,220,00274341329.9 [Cert]
48HA8BE2012SO HP 80M1,214,19073740529.3 [Cert]
49LY1R 2008SO HP 80M1,202,448773376 [Cert]
50YT4T2011SO HP 80M1,179,12069940825.0 [Cert]
51HA8BE2011SO HP 80M1,172,17269441128.9 [Cert]
529A5Y2004SO HP 80M1,141,8206953709A3NM[Cert]
53IZ0KBR2016SO HP 80M1,131,79268240826.2 [Cert]
54DJ6BQ2007SO HP 80M1,087,374733381 [Cert]
55OY3JE2009SO HP 80M1,067,39671037427.3 [Cert]
569A7R2005SO HP 80M1,052,688661364 [Cert]
57S54E2004SO HP 80M1,031,466657353 [Cert]
58YU7AU2010SO HP 80M1,028,70067338126.8 [Cert]
59OK2SFP2016SO HP 80M (T)1,028,60070837025.8 [Cert]
60DM7C2014SO HP 80M1,024,05666439626.5DL8CX[Cert]
61DJ6BQ 2008SO HP 80M1,019,250685375 [Cert]
62YU3AAA2014SO HP 80M1,014,52861938420.8 [Cert]
63UY6F2005SO HP 80M1,007,084663362UX0FF[Cert]
643Z8T2013SO HP 80M1,005,84064738118.7SQ8JX[Cert]
65YZ1SM2007SO HP 80M1,004,640643364 [Cert]
66NB1B2006SO HP 80M999,192671372 [Cert]
67HG1G2012SO HP 80M994,44868536425.9 [Cert]
68NB1B2005SO HP 80M967,840657368 [Cert]
69YU5B 2008SO HP 80M940,296653348 [Cert]
70HA3LI2012SO HP 80M (T)936,76866835726.7 [Cert]
71HA8BE2007SO HP 80M936,390640343 [Cert]
72OK2SFP2015SO HP 80M (T)929,56863936822.3 [Cert]
73LY2FN2011SO HP 80M912,88859337223.0 [Cert]
744N1A2007SO HP 80M905,970628345YU1KT[Cert]
75ES5GP2010SO HP 80M899,64060335724.8 [Cert]
76DJ3IW2008SO HP 80M898,352632364 [Cert]
77HA3LI2009SO HP 80M895,44865434624.9 [Cert]
789A6A2005SO HP 80M879,920611340 [Cert]
79HA3LI 2008SO HP 80M847,692616334 [Cert]
80LY2SA2015SO HP 80M836,07657336122.4 [Cert]
81DQ9M2006SO HP 80M817,400642335DL5NAM[Cert]
82HA1YI2009SO HP 80M814,75658334721.1 [Cert]
83DJ3IW2010SO HP 80M800,80857436616.3 [Cert]
84UX5IO2014SO HP 80M793,32856735826.0 [Cert]
85K6ND/12011SO HP 80M782,64061036024.3 [Cert]
86OH2HAN2012SO HP 80M773,60455734224.8 [Cert]
87RA3SI2011SO HP 80M771,81855336130.0 [Cert]
88E70A2014SO HP 80M761,85255633821.2 [Cert]
89S54E2003SO HP 80M756,912553312 [Cert]
90DJ3IW2005SO HP 80M755,328584336 [Cert]
91EO6F2004SO HP 80M737,968576308UX0FF[Cert]
92LY2IJ2004SO HP 80M733,838584301 [Cert]
93HA8BE2005SO HP 80M712,780539314 [Cert]
94HA1YI2008SO HP 80M687,810555303 [Cert]
95YU7AE2006SO HP 80M672,152544299 [Cert]
96ON4QX2006SO HP 80M667,656540297 [Cert]
97M7T2013SO HP 80M649,99251931814.1G3YYD[Cert]
98HA8BT2016SO HP 80M649,39250332622.6 [Cert]
99OK2SFP2009SO HP 80M640,66050531116.5 [Cert]
100DJ3IW2007SO HP 80M639,432506321 [Cert]
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(R) = Rookie overlay category
(T) = Tribander/Wires overlay category

Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.