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1EA8AHM-TWO17,001,4204,558895OH1RY OH2BP YL1ZF YL...
2OM8AM-MULTI10,402,0973,0928779A7R OM2KW OM3RM OM7...
3P49XSO HP ALL9,981,7383,023723W0YK
4UU7JM-MULTI9,620,5203,205840UR5NX UR7EU UT4ZX UT...
5Z37MM-MULTI9,257,2463,254794Z31MM Z32ID Z33F Z33...
6RW0AM-MULTI8,601,0122,948734RA0AM RU0AM RU0AB RV...
7SP0DXCM-MULTI8,136,7102,621782SP7GIQ SP5UAF SQ5BPM...
8LX8MM-TWO8,121,3142,885751LX1ER DF7ZS DJ9KM DL...
9CT9MM-ONE HP8,071,5062,630738CT3DL CT3DZ CT3EE CT...
10KI1GM-TWO7,054,1262,880778KI1G K1JN N1HRA NG1G...
11EF8AM-ONE HP6,508,2602,297692EA8AAG EC8ABQ EA8AUW
12HG1SM-ONE HP6,340,2852,287749HA1TJ HA1DAI HA1DAC ...
13DG7ROM-TWO6,053,7802,289716DG7RO DL6RAI DL2MLU ...
14TI5NM-TWO5,652,1202,525670WJ7R K9JY KI7Y K7AR
15K3MMSO HP ALL5,512,9602,378730 
164L8AM-ONE HP5,187,3882,1106344L6AMB 4L8A
17TM4PM-ONE HP4,938,6692,055657F2FZ F5OAM F6BKD F6C...
18WW4LLM-MULTI4,699,2002,472704WW4LL KI5XP K4ZJ K9J...
19UA9CLBSO HP ALL4,489,6831,832583 
20WI6NEM-TWO4,284,9692,569663WK6I W6OAT N6DE
21EN9MSO HP ALL4,181,1482,070657UR5MID
22ZX2BSO LP ALL4,149,4861,760627 
23K4GMHSO HP ALL4,118,0761,975657 
24OE9RM-ONE HP4,006,6111,705609OE9GHV OE9HGV OE9HLH...
25NB1BSO HP ALL3,991,4281,760674 
26LZ8ASO HP ALL3,962,0881,838664 
27RD3ASO HP ALL3,939,5561,782692RD3AF
28DA3XM-TWO3,814,1641,821606DK2OY DL5JS DL5KUT D...
29KA4RRUM-MULTI3,812,7602,127680KA4RRU K5OF N4DXS KT...
305C5WSO LP ALL3,677,2021,541591CN8KD
31RK3DXWM-ONE HP3,580,0651,720621RZ3DZF UA3DPM RU3DBR...
32LB8IBSO HP ALL3,494,8981,704627 
33DL1IAOSO HP ALL3,480,5381,664607 
34YT0AM-ONE HP3,478,3931,717599YT1WW YU1XX YZ1ZX Mi...
35OH6RM-MULTI3,472,9311,753583OH3FM OH3MFP OH3MMF ...
36I4IKWSO HP 40M3,411,7201,195585 
377X0RYSO HP 40M3,380,3461,064531 
38OM5ZWSO HP ALL3,311,5101,435601 
39I2UIYSO HP ALL3,176,3821,572561 
40VE3APSO HP ALL3,059,5281,536562 
41R7C/3M-ONE HP2,969,7001,380570RN3QO RN3QY UA3QJJ
42KU1CW/0SO HP ALL2,924,4601,779630 
43TK5KPM-ONE HP2,923,9651,518605TK1CX TK5EP
44YR9PSO HP ALL2,905,0841,466598YO9HP
45VA3DXSO HP ALL2,901,0991,370573 
46KO1NSO HP ALL2,891,0701,637585N4BAA
47AF4ZM-ONE HP2,792,4121,820588AF4Z K4QD K4PX WF3C
48DQ9MSO HP ALL2,756,3521,443582DL5NAM
49UA9UZZM-ONE HP2,736,0001,442500UA9UX RK9UE RW9UIK
50RW4PLSO HP ALL2,719,9261,530594 
51AO1AKSSO HP ALL2,663,9751,514565EA1AKS
52UR4EWTM-ONE HP2,644,8851,473545UT6EY UR7EY UT4ES
53UT2IISO HP ALL2,629,7811,411539 
54YZ9AM-ONE HP2,611,6481,443559YU1AU YU1BN YZ1PFR
55OK1KSLM-ONE HP2,563,5441,322548OK1AHG OK1AHJ OK1FAK
56J43BSFM-ONE HP2,529,4501,534525SV1CIB SV1CDN SV1DPI...
57DL3TDSO HP 40M2,451,826999521 
58RK4LWZM-ONE HP2,420,5101,436530UA4LL RA4LE UA4LCH R...
599A5WSO HP 20M2,409,9631,436659 
60VE1OPSO LP ALL2,397,9151,372585 
61UX0FFSO HP 40M2,392,5901,055519 
62RK9JWRM-ONE HP2,371,6221,373473RA9JR RV9JR RZ9WF
63UW5QSO HP 40M2,327,350994523 
64UT5UMLSO HP ALL2,320,7231,286529 
65HI3TEJSO LP ALL2,319,4501,482525 
66S56AM-ONE HP2,315,0401,190546S56A YU7AL YZ7EM
67YL7ASO HP ALL2,285,928988513 
68DP5MSO HP ALL2,262,8281,279538DL4MDO
69W3FVSO HP ALL2,242,0201,330516 
70RU9TOSO HP ALL2,198,7871,166463 
71AI9TSO HP ALL2,102,8001,572560 
72VE2RYYSO HP 20M2,076,0031,279621 
73YW0DXM-ONE HP2,071,6981,292487YV5KAJ YV1FM YV5SSB ...
74IV3OWCSO HP 40M2,060,872877484 
75IW1ARBSO HP ALL2,057,5421,185514 
76WA2ETUSO HP ALL2,056,8301,409555 
77WX5SM-TWO2,045,7691,647517WX5S KI6CCH K6OWL ND...
784Z5CPSO LP ALL2,012,2831,095441 
79WB9ZSO HP ALL1,971,5671,351533 
80K4ROSO HP ALL1,965,4441,547516 
81W3MFSO HP ALL1,953,7201,329540 
82SO4MSO HP 80M1,936,118924479SP4MPG
83RK4SWAM-MULTI1,907,5601,189463RU4SU RU4SS RN4SS UA...
84IV3ZXQSO HP 40M1,890,070877469 
85S54ESO HP 80M1,889,966893463 
86ZC4LISO HP 20M1,869,3501,176545 
87JH4UYBSO HP ALL1,855,8251,125475 
88VE3UTTSO HP ALL1,850,0711,112521 
89UO6PSO LP ALL1,828,0081,129434UN7PBY
90N0NIM-ONE HP1,825,7931,373523N0NI N0AC K0WHV KE0W...
91EU1AZSO HP ALL1,822,7011,163467 
929A2DQSO HP 80M1,808,184899458 
93RW9UUSO LP ALL1,788,7111,176419 
94NP3D/WE1SO LP ALL1,788,2801,192520EW1AR
95W4GKMSO HP ALL1,787,0401,429510 
96SV1DPPSO HP ALL1,783,9141,149453 
97UW5USO HP ALL1,773,8761,094498UY2UA
98N2XDSO HP ALL1,771,9241,208484 
99ED1BXNSO LP ALL1,755,7651,069495 
100LW9EOCSO HP 15M1,751,1751,087543 
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(R) = Rookie overlay category
(T) = Tribander/Wires overlay category

Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.


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